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05-25-16, 02:39 PM
Hi All , I was recently diagnosed with ADHD. And I have a few questions regarding Vyvanse and Adderall Boosters. When I first was diagnosed my doctor tried to get vyvanse but my insurance denied it and wanted me to take a Generic Adderall XR 15mg which I was okay with. Fast forward a month I finished my prescription and I had my first follow up and my doctor asked me how it went and it went fine I couldn't complain but It didn't last long perhaps 5/6 hours. So she tried to get me a two xr's a day at 15 mg each my insurance denied it and allowed me to use the 30mg vyvanse. It was entirely different from the Adderall and it was kinda meh. I got through my tasks felt my mind was clearer and I used the tools she told me to in order to make sure I didn't get scattered. Fast forward to this month I got upped to 40mg Vyvanse and it's works entirely better and I feel pretty good on it but I realize it starts to fade away because of my day which includes me being a college student, running errands and going to work. My shifts at work vary so I may work 5 hours and I may work up to 7 hours and get home really late at night. I realize that it's faded away and I kinda slow down and what not and get sleepy. Long story short I was wondering how'd I go about asking my doctor perhaps give me a booster I'm nervous about asking her cause I don't wanna seem like I'm trying to abuse it when I'm not I'm just trying to find the sweet spot and finally get used to combatting my ADHD with vyvanse and perhaps the Adderall xr or ir. Also should I be upped to 50mg or do you think this is normal? Sorry for the long post I just saw that using the vyvanse and a booster helped a lot of people here.

05-25-16, 05:32 PM

I have the same issue with vyvanse. I'm on 60mg and its lasts for about 6-7 hours at times if not a little less time. I told my DR about it and he prescribed me generic adderall. Mostly the 2nd med is for the longer days and only when needed for the rest of the afternoon. I would just be upfront and say that vyvanse is working but tends to fade during the afternoon. You could ask to try a higher dose as well. I personally would recommend asking for a higher dose of vyvanse. The generic adderall is ok but it tends to make my heart rate increase significantly and i start to sweat a little bit. However, remember every med is different for everybody.