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05-15-05, 05:53 AM
Rogerio the Mysterious Mouse ă 2004

Rogerio lived in a house by the bay with two cats, Chico and Margarita. The house was filled with lots of antiques. The three friends would have great adventures.

Rogerio ’s favorite game was to stand in the living room and look through the sitting room and office into the bedroom where one or the other cat would be napping. Today Chico was sleeping on the chaise. So Rogerio stomped his feet and yelled, “Senior Chico! Oh, Senior Chico! Catch me if you can!”

Chico opened one eye and then the other. He hunched down and pushed off with all his might. The chase was on.

Chico loved this game. They would run all through the house. You see the house was on one level . So Rogerio didn’t have to worry about steps. Every time it was the same. Through the kitchen. Into the sun room, the entrance hall, the mud room, laundry room, back into the entrance hall into the dinning room and then the living room, and…POOF! as always Rogerio would disappear. Chico could never catch him and he would always vanish.

Now Margarita was faster and smarter then Chico. So he asked his sister if she had ever caught Rogerio. She shook her head and said “ No brother, I never have.” Margarita thought it was time to come up with a plan to catch him. After a while she finally had it. She told Chico “The next time Rogerio calls you for a game of chase, I will watch and see where he goes.”

So the two cats settled in for their late afternoon nap, waiting for the call to play. Just as they had both drifted off to sleep……
“Senior Chico!; Oh Senior Chico!, Catch me if you can!”

As planned Chico darted after Rogerio with Margarita following behind. Margarita stopped in the living room and jumped on the mantel (the highest place in the room) and waited. Soon after she was settled she saw a small flash (that could only have been Rogerio) flying in to the room and POOF! he disappeared. Then Margarita saw a much larger flash (that could only have been Chico). He was moving so fast he almost ran into the chair in front of the fire place. Chico looked up and saw his sister .

“Where did he go?” Chico whispered.

Margarita got a sly look on her face and with her tail pointed to the old washtub under a table. Quietly and slowly as only cats can do, the pair crept over to the washtub, then together started banging on it. They made so much noise that poor Rogerio thought he was standing under a church bell.

With great haste he ran from under the wash tub and right in to the waiting paws of Margarita and Chico, who said very loudly and triumphantly “You’re It!”

The three friends were laughing so hard at themselves, they rolled over on their back with all twelve legs in the air.

Chico, Margarita and Rogerio will have a lot more adventures together. Just not tonight. They each curled up in their favorite spot and slept very soundly.

The End