View Full Version : It never ends

Free to Fly
05-28-16, 02:40 AM
I actually am getting close to paying off some bills. My kids calls and yes its legit, not a scam, I know where she is, and she needs a bunch of money loaded to her card so she can get released from the hospital. I have the $$$, that is not the issue, and I know she is good for it, always pays me back....but dang it frustrating. RANT.....if I wasn't paying $1197.58 for my medical coverage......I wouldn't be so danged stressed.....

06-02-16, 05:03 AM
Wow. They actually will not physically let her leave without paying money? Are you sure thats legal?

Free to Fly
06-02-16, 09:45 AM
Out of country, may not be legal, but I work with a lady from that country, and she was not at all surprised.

06-22-16, 12:23 AM
That sucks man, bummer!!!