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05-28-16, 04:36 AM
This guy who is my age who 'took me in' on the beach with their (four people) long term permit told me he and the lady are married. They sleep in the tent and three kids. So I believe it.
She's shy and I notice she does all the kitchen magic. I don't like this but grateful for how they support me I respect my place. I find everyone should always contribute in their possible ways to everything, so should I no exception.
After one week I see the other side - everything he told me turns out to be a lie, every promise empty and he has stolen from all of us. Breaking the promise providing me a ship to Philippines. And after ystrdy he yelled at me and was unreasonable and disrespectful, I asked his gf what happened and few hours later she left. Considering he controlled her entire life I'm proud she had the strength because I feared she was one of the thousands unpunished abused household situations.

But I felt powerless. Everyone for everything and no higher nor lower power. We all have a voice but I felt she didn't. My father loves being in control (a bit more than me I try to limit it out of my social life) and that's why I want to fight it. All humans should be on a round table.

05-28-16, 07:54 AM
How awful!!!
are you ok? he stole from you???

Little Nut
05-28-16, 08:46 AM
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05-29-16, 02:56 AM
Yes he's what he calls himself a conman. Now what we did out of vengeance, they did, I just prefer to move on in life but I found what they did funny, is when the girl came back she slept in the same tent as the older guy, family man, who the conguy was paranoid of cheating on his gf.