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05-31-16, 07:40 PM
Did anyone else experience a blurred vision on Vyvanse?

I am prescribed to Vyvanse 35-40mg for 8 months now and i think I have it from the first month. I used to have a very clear vision on very long distances but it seems Vyvanse made it blurred.

Any fixes known?

Little Missy
05-31-16, 08:44 PM
Many medications cause blurred vision. You could stop taking any medications and see if your old vision returns or you could go to the eye doctor and get glasses.:)

06-01-16, 02:41 PM
Today it is my second day without Vyvanse. It looks like i have my regular vision.
I never wanna wear glasses – only sun glasses. I just hope blurred vision is only a
temporary side effect and amphetamines dont damage my eyes.

Little Nut
06-01-16, 03:14 PM
I never wanna wear glasses – only sun glasses.

Glad your normal vision is returning......As to your comment that I quoted, it reminded me how much God loves irony.....just when you reach a point that you want to relax and reflect on your surroundings....BAM.....presbyopia.

<iframe width="854" height="480" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> Pls excuse the language at the end of the clip.

06-01-16, 04:57 PM
Vyvanse sometimes feels like wearing glasses. Maybe some pre-presbyopia.

Being off the pills is always a good idea!

06-05-16, 01:32 PM
This is plausible with virtually any psychotropic drug but personally I have the opposite effect, in my case focusing is considerably easier and I presume because of a better mental clarity I can interoperate what I am seeing better so my vision is effectively better.

Are you taking any other medications? I have found anti-psychotics to cause myself vision trouble but I am extremely intolerant of anti-psychotics as they work the opposite of amphetamine medication.

We have repeatedly debated the proper dosage for Vyvanse and I do not disagree there are people need low dose only Vyvanse and I have disagreed with your warnings against the high range of the MFG recommended Vyvanse dose (70mg). In my combined 5+ years of stimulant ADD medications for ADD I have found an effect I am unsure of the technical term of, basically when the medication is only "half working" it has more side effects than when it is "full working" which in translation means I have more side effects when taking a half-dose than a full-dose. It is perhaps that as your body built up a tolerance over time that you are experiencing a similar effect to what I describe. You are master of your own body so if you feel I might be on to something I suggest consulting your doctor over the matter. I know Shire would cut my head off for saying this, but I found Adderall to be easier to control for full day effectiveness by taking two doses, first in the morning and second typically between 12:00-1:00pm. When I did this I took 20mg at 8:00am and 10mg typically around 1:00pm. Beware that the Adderall has roughly 1/3 levoamphetamine which does not work identical to dextroamphetamine. I can't find any official published data on the exact differences but I think... not certain, but I think levoamphetamine has a higher affinity to norepinephrine than dextroamphetamine but not only could I be wrong and the actual significant difference might be another neurofunction all together. For some this, the Adderall, will increase anxiety or jitters and for others it will actually reduce such in comparison to Vyvanse. I have read feedback reports in both directions but for me the improved mental functioning I get from Adderall reduces my overall anxiety even though I can feel the Adderall stimulate an anxiety causing part of my brain in effect neutralizing the difference.

Let us know your conclusions.

06-05-16, 02:04 PM
Being off the pills is always a good idea!

The first couple of years I took Adderall I had the same theory and mind-set as you. I was extremely narcotic phobic as my parents had extreme dependency problems on marijuana and I didn't want to wind up like them. In 2004 I started with Strattera and it was complete junk. In 2005 I started on Provigil and it was decent but not good enough so in early 2006 I told my doctor I was OK with trying the amphetamines. For the first 2 weeks he put me on Dexerdrine XR and it helped but the results weren't as good as I was hoping for so I asked for Adderall and it made me feel "completely normal" for the first time in my life and while I wasn't completely rid of ADD it massively helped. I decided to take it only on days I went to work, which was normally 4 days a week (11 hour days). My work life greatly improved but what I felt was "good practice" and "good discipline" by only taking the medication on days I had something important to do, my personal life was left a complete mess. Basically on my off-days I would never get anything done or achieve any personal goals while at work I was motivated and accomplishing. In retrospect it, practicing what I thought was "good safe judgement" was actually very poor judgement. If my doctor were prescribing the maximum MFG recommended daily dose (which has almost always been the case) and I had urges to take more than prescribed, which obviously would be a sign of "addiction", there might be some sense to a minimal dosing/frequency strategy but since that has never been true for me I was doing nothing but depriving myself of health and life.

It is clear you have some kind of narcotic phobia that you perceive to be healthy, but you have not given enough data to indicate if this phobia in regard to yourself baseless or with merit. I know it took over 2 years for me to realize that not only was my phobia baseless, it was actually very damaging. I suppose going a life-time without being properly medicated with ADD stimulants make it harder for me to recognize the deficit in my non-work daily life.

I would point out I suffer the "foggy/mucky" type of inattentive ADD so me being off stimulant ADD medication might be more disabling than the typical ADD case.

06-05-16, 10:56 PM
I dont take any other medications. Only some daily magnesium and some vitamin-b or c supplements sometimes. As I know from Ritalin stimulants can cause an increase of the eye pressure and in extreme it can lead to a glaucoma in rare cases. Ritalin made me a better vision but Vyvanse blurs it. So no single substance is perfect.

I dont wanna write warnings about high dosages I just wonder about some guys dosages and I would like to know if really high dosages like 210mg Vyvanse or 80mg Dex are already taken from the beginning or over the first months for example 10 years or if the dosages were increased over the years. I dont think 70mg Vyvanse or 30mg Dex is too much but a lot and I would have some very speedy side effects although I have recreational or self-medication experience on many substances in high dosages.

I also have more side effects on half dose than on full dose but I found my dose to be 35-40mg and 45 start to make me nervous and speedy. My physician gives me a lot of freedom. I am prescribed to 40mg and 70mg for splitting the 70mg in 2x35mg due to its price I have to pay on my own while I have to fight hard to get amphetamines paid by the insurance over here. I could not pay 50mg Dexamphetamine which cost me 40$ every day as pills.

I also think the intake of pure Dexamphetamine is easier to control due to its kick in and crash as it is an IR and if it is not perfect just taking another quarter pill but Vyvanse has much cleaner effect without any side effects if you find the right dose which is no easy job. Back to the time on Ritalin IR I would never have taken Ritalin multireleaser because this mechanism does not make any sense to me due to everyones different metabolism and being under control of pharma industry concepts. I usually prefer to control it myself. I have taken Ritalin 15/5/5/(5) or 15/10/10/5 mg all 4 hours or if i felt an upcoming crash but my dose of Vyvanse works well.

I am not narcotic phobic – no way. But I think its better not to take any substance every day and after 2 months of intake or so there is a limit reached to get used to it. I think it would be the best to take some different subtances but it is not easy to find out when you need which of them and life is not everyday the same. I actually think more about taking my meds only when I really feel it is no more possible without it for a single day but I take it when I want to take it and have a break when i want to have it or when I do something that gives me natural concentration and attention. And in opposite to the crashes of Dex there is a longer lasting effect on Vyvanse which has a "positive side effect" into the next day. Maybe i should give it a try to take it every second day but thats not easy in self control because its easier to take it every day. Another idea it to take it like a recreational user to clean up the brain in the weekend if there is any long lasting effect when I have the time to check this out. From my experiences and experiments i know this could work but there is no advice for it and it is extremely hard self reflection I need for it. But thats worth a try although its easier to take a pill every day.

I am also an inattentive but highly creative ADD with a huge danger seeker potential and i love dangerous sports coming to an age of middle 40 acting like 10 years younger and understand my high-volume-lifestyle of over 25 years after my diagnosis as a self-medication that worked most of the time.

I dont wanna be without ADD, I love my ADD but sometimes it would be better without – but it is not me without ADD. Almost this sentence is pure ADHD without symptoms. haha

06-12-16, 01:58 PM
If you make less than 35k a year you can get Vyvanse for free from Shire Cares. If you have more people in your household this number goes up... check Shire Cares for exact numbers, but say you make 50k and your wife has no income, you might still qualify.

Maybe try this, I haven't. Take a 50mg Vyvanse while fasting in the morning but drink extra water to dilute the medicine and hope it extends the duration while dampening initial potency instead of kill the effect all day long like food intake does.

My ADD definitely doesn't make me creative, but taking Vyvanse or Adderall definitely helps that deficit.

06-12-16, 03:46 PM
I have to fly 13 hours to Oklahoma over the atlantic ocean from Germany. Too far for Shire Cares promotional program.

I am perfect with 35mg having no food in daylight. I tried 40mg today and had to eat a bit to reduce the effectiveness.
I use 40mg when i need to go berserk or split it into 35/5 to lenghten the duration after 3-4 hours.
On 50mg I guess I must binge eat all the day like a monster to have a subtle and comfortable effect while almost
45mg (once tried, upping from 30mg) make me uncomfortable speedy and nervous at the effectiveness peak and it is
no more weak and subtle but kicking in like pure Dex.

I dont think extra water has any effect as I drink water and coffee and dont get a sticky dry mouth but run out of power
and risk a headache not drinking the first 6-8 hours after intake and morning coffee.

I bet Vyvanse makes a thin film on most of the intestinal gut.