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06-01-16, 10:22 AM
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As a pastor, I have to research and prepare a presentation every week. I've been pastoring for about 10 years and get pretty good "reviews" of my sermons. But lately, i feel like i am struggling.

My issue is the research. I do a lot of reading and feel the need to take some sort of notes as I read and research, yet I have no idea how to take notes effectively organize those notes if i do take them. I currently find myself surrounded by 12 books, 3 tablets, and who knows how many loose peices of paper!

This is not a new issue for me. I somehow managed to make it through college and grad school unmedicated without failing a single class. I am tired of simply "managing to get it done." and ready for something else.

Anyone else ever in a similar spot? Anyone know of any resources that can help me conquer the piles of paper and mounds of books?

Hope this makes some sense!


06-01-16, 11:50 AM
Good morning.

I was actually just thinking about how I need to find a better way to organize my projects. I know there are a couple of programs that you can get that you might find helpful.

I mainly use a Windows based system and I'm trying to get into the habit of using a program called 'One Note.' It's part of the MS package. You can store information using their 'cloud' based service. You can set it up so that information is shared on all of your devices. I know there are other programs that work the same way like 'Evernote' but I'm not as familiar with them.

The program basically works like a digital notebook. You can make tabs, pages, subpages... You can sync it to your calendar and email to help you keep track of to do lists, reminders and appointments.

You can take screen shots which will automatically save in one of your 'notebooks'. It'll also make a nice little link and description at the bottom so you know where you found the information.

It has a search option so if you're not sure where you saved something you can use that and it will bring it up for you. It's even able to search for words in images.

I'm not trying to sell you a program. XD but I've found it useful-- I just need to make myself use it consistently.

For the books that you use-- you can take pictures of whatever you're wanting to go back to and you can add it to one of your sections...

06-01-16, 11:54 AM
If you're a user of Apple products then the Evernote app is very useful for saving research info in various formats. It sounds similar to what Simargl has recommended above. I find it helpful for all kinds of things - travel info, holiday plans, research for work etc.

06-01-16, 12:05 PM
For note taking I'd recommend MS Office's OneNote. It's super easy to take notes (and it saves automatically) without any particular format, you can easily copy and paste material from websites or link material.

Loose papers were the bane of my existence. I'd recommend using a bound note book (or something electronic like OneNote) so that at least everything is in one place.

06-04-16, 05:58 AM
Write questions as you go about the research. Things that you feel are not answered or that you would like to find the answers,to. Good questions,will give you straight forward and compelling ideas.