View Full Version : Dexamphetamine, potential risk with decongestant tablets?

06-01-16, 09:41 PM
I picked up my dose of dexamphetamine yesterday, and also picked up a box of decongestant tablets, and I was advised not to take both at the same time as there was an isolated case of someone getting a heart attack after taking both.

First time ive heard of it...has anyone gotten similar advice? The decongestant tablets were pseudoephedrine.

Little Nut
06-01-16, 10:33 PM
Can't answer your question, question directly. Do you have congestion issues while taking Dex? The reason I asked is it work great to relieve any congestion I have. Google is your friend.

06-02-16, 12:13 AM
I certainly would not take Dex at the same time as pseudoephedrine.

In any event, I have found that the vasoconstrictive properties of Dex acting upon the nasal and sinus tissues make it a fairly powerful decongestant on its own.

I would not want to combine the vasoconstrictive properties of both at the same time.

That said, I wouldn’t take pseudoephedrine to begin with, regardless of what it was combined with, or not.


06-20-16, 03:24 AM
I agree, I wouldn't mix the two. They're both closely related speedy drugs.

If you want just Advil or something, buy the plain version without the pseudoephedrine.

The dextroamphetamine should clear your sinuses and decongest you itself.

06-21-16, 09:41 AM
I just had this exact question myself! I have a horrible head cold. Last Saturday I took a Sudafed to clear my head congestion. We had a dinner date with friends that evening. I didn't take any Adderall that day because I was afraid to mix the Sudafed and Adderall. Normally, Sudafed has a Adderall-like effect for me (although much more mellow) but I think I was having a come down from the previous day of Adderall use, anyway, my congestion was clear but I was super sleepy. I was worried about going to dinner without taking Adderall (I lose track of conversations in groups really easily, Adderall has been a social lifesaver for me). I decided to take 5mg Adderall and I was fine. The only thing I noticed was extra dry mouth.
I believe both drugs raise your blood pressure and that is why it's bad to mix.
I haven't taken any Adderall in 3 days, trying to get over this stupid cold!

07-01-16, 07:16 PM
Pseudoephedrine itself has an amphetamine structure and predictable physical effects, but it lacks most of its neighbor's mental stimulation. Combining them should exaggerate those physical effects (heart rate, blood pressure, anxiety), possibly to an unpleasant level.

08-07-16, 02:41 PM
Not medical advice, just my experience:

I have had to take both at once (Dex doesn't clear my sinuses the way Adderall reliably does), and if I have to, then I cut the decongestant dose into a fraction of what it should be and reduce Dex dose at the same time. Will also avoid coffee and other stimulants if I have to take both, because my heart will thump with all that on board.

Over the counter Flonase has been a godsend to avoiding this conundrum for the most part. Costco has a generic that's really cheap and available in bulk (something like 6 bottle of 60 doses for $30ish?).

My doc wants me to get a baseline EKG, which is probably smart for anyone taking stimulants. Now whether or not your insurance company thinks it's smarter to pay for your baseline EKG or just pay the ER bill for a heart attack is another story... :)