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06-03-16, 02:09 AM
Hi I just recently went from 36 to 54 mgs.

The medication I feel is working well in terms of concentration and giving structure to my life.

One of the main side effects I noticed was loss of appetite.

I have tried to look up all the major side effects for concerta but I appear to have one I do not see listed anywhere!
Whenever I take my dosage I feel extremely hungry. I usually eat before or after my pill but it still comes to me.

I heard it may be related to low blood sugar but I am not a diabetic or does that even matter?
Yes I do eat pretty often as well

Little Nut
06-03-16, 10:00 AM
Welcome OGF, Can't give any insights here, but someone will come along that can. The only kinda similar experience is with amphetamines at too low a dose &/or too long between doses. Whenever at too low a dose and it starts to wear off I used to get very hungry/sleepy. This was happening multiple times during the day because the dose was too low and it was too long between doses (at least that is what I believe it was due to). Prior to that and now, I rarely get hungry between meals. GL, -LN

06-03-16, 04:48 PM
Its normal to feel extremely hungry if you have a loss of appetite due to low blood sugar.

But its not natural to be extremely hungry after taking the pills but having no appetite.
Sounds like you wanna eat but cannot eat. Maybe you are overdosed. Dont think – eat!

06-03-16, 05:21 PM
Thanks for your replies.

I want to make it clear I noticed the side effects was loss of appetite.
What I was trying to say is even thought that is one of the main ones I don't experience it. Only the opposite as in getting really hungry.

I haven't been on 54 mg. I'll try to eat regularly to see if my body adjusts to the side effects.

06-03-16, 06:25 PM
While taking Ritalin or any other MPH it is important to eat, not much but a little not to get gastro-intestinal problems.
Reason#2 why you should eat is you can have a loss of appetite but you also have a loss of power while losing appetite.

You can reduce side effects like headaches with sugar/sweeties quickly or prevent it with carbs.
You can prevent fogginess and support MPHs effectiveness with high quality magnesium.
MPH makes a lack of magnesium.