View Full Version : I'd like to learn to write creatively as much as I can musically

06-03-16, 07:54 AM
What books to read? I'd prefer shorter books unless someone here can give me techniques or short cuts on how to read a book (I'd get bored looking at a 300 page book). :giggle:

I usually would start "sizing" up a book based on its size and thickness (the thicker it is the more I know I'd get bored with it). Should I just open it and read it first and not look at its size, then maybe after I read it, I can get all the knowledge I wanted?

06-03-16, 10:02 AM
Hi. I moved this thread to Other Creative Endeavors so people can respond to it. Creative Writing restricts posting to the thread creator.

Ray Bradbury has a book called The Zen and the Art of Writing, which is a series of connected essays about craft and writing. That was the book that

I've heard good things about Stephen King's On Writing. If you google him, he also has a fair number of shorter articles dedicated to aspects of writing and craft.

06-03-16, 04:29 PM
If you prefer short, snappy tips to a long book about writing craft then there are lots of good blogs and website with advice for writers.
My favourite is Chuck Wendig's blog, he's actually very wordy but soooo entertaining. I think he has ADHD, he certainly sounds like he does from the things he says and some of the issues he struggles with. He's very inspiring.