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06-03-16, 08:21 AM
A girl, around ten, as a drawing, short haired standing in the opening of an open door against the outside world's light, blocking it. Black hair, wild, waving in the wind. Looking straight at you without blinking. There is a storm, wind, lightning, rain behind but she doesn't move except the clothes. Beaten to the knees yet standing with almost a bitter but natural acceptance of everything that happened, after the adventure.

One tear from her right eye without emotion.

It varies between Dean Winchester or her. This is how I, at the most intimate and intense, feel. How I picture my survival through life, when I'm in my head, without social masks. Everything can be slightly variable (gender, age, context) but this is sort of the standard.

PS the girl is me and everything is symbolic to represent which any detail of my life, so far

06-03-16, 08:40 AM
Beautiful description. I can totally picture it.