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06-05-16, 11:51 PM
Wow, when the doctor walked into the office I could tell by the look on his face the news was grim. And oh, how awfully grim it was! This horrible disease that has no cure! I've heard of people contracting this life shattering monstrous illness, but, I never thought it could happen to me....That was 6 agonizing months ago. The disease has progressed, obviously, and I've isolated myself in a desolate location, in a kind of self quarantine. ADHD has ravaged my body, and I'm suffering from paralysis from the waist down, due to not having the ability to focus on the process of step, after step, after step. My uselessness has rendered me bitter and resentful, and now that my looming finality draws ever near, I finally reached into the icy depths of my heart and found the only goodness I have left in me, and as a final act of humanity and mortality, I lay here a hollow shell, delivering this warning to those in the following generations of the dangers of ADHD...Please, those of you who hear my wounded plea...stay AWAY from the PlayStation 3 Gaming system, as Grand Theft Auto 5, Online, has destroyed my qualities I once had. My focus, oh, my poor, easy going loveable lays broken, twisted, and now I must spend my final days, for you. You can change your destiny! Just, BEWARE GTA! BEEEEWAAAARE!!!