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05-16-05, 06:15 AM
Vous mourrez Launie.

There was once a girl who lived in southern France, her name was Launie. She lived in a small town with her Mother her father had dyed fighting in a war, a war which she believed was not his to fight in. He had died at the hands of the German soldiers who had so brutally shot him through the head.

Now Launie being a slightly depressed Girl had few friends and even the friends she had were not important to her in any way. One day late after school, her English teacher had kept her in late for refusing to speak English, she was walking home in the dark, “Damn winter”, she thought to herself. I will just take a short cut through the old little graveyard.

“Hey was machst du.?”, Yelled out a German soldier.

“Ich sprechen nur französisch.”, She yelled back which was the only line she knew in German, then she had a wicked idea to get back at her English teacher. She would dob him into the Germans, she knew perfectly well the sign “Kein Englisch” Which meant “No English” hanging in the school somewhere.

She walked up to the German boldly looking like she was going to do something, the German raised his gun, and yelled “ Halt lay on sie ground wiz your hands űp”. She did as she was told trembling with fear. He checked her then told her to stand up and explain, it was clear to her his French was poor.

She explained and he seemed to understand, he asked her name and she told him. She now was really late home so she ran through the graveyard. She stopped as she pasted the church that was now mostly rubble as it had been bombed badly. She kept on going, it started snowing, she started running again as she was very cold.

Along the way she heard this noise, it was a wailing noise, it paused for a slight moment then rudely broke the silence. She tried to listen it closer, she worked out it was a song.

Help me free me
I have been cursed
Ten thousand years to go

I am not dead,
I do rest,
I lay in this bed
Ten Thousand years to go.

Save me I beg,
Let me live
I plead of you
Just one more chance give.

Aidez-moi librement je que j'ai été maudit Dix mille ans à aller

Je ne suis pas mort, je me repose, je m'étends dans ce lit Dix mille ans à aller.

Économiser moi que je me prie, laisse de vivre je parle en faveur de vous juste une plus d'élasticité fortuite.

She shuddered at it it horrified her she began to run faster and faster. There were the gates she burst through them shaking violently.