View Full Version : First day on wellburtrin.

06-14-16, 09:53 AM
will it help with my add right away? I know that it takes sometime to work for the depression. I have ms and take alot of other medicine so hopefully something works so i can start to feel better

DJ Bill
06-14-16, 01:55 PM
Ask your doctor...but in my experience it was slow to take effect, and it's not really that good for ADD - more depression oriented.

But, if you are severely depressed you need to treat that first. (So I've heard).

08-26-16, 01:29 PM
Can't say for others, but it's my second day on it and I seem much more focused, and this is results based... for instance my kids are going to a new school across town (because we are moving next month) and the drive is 50 minuts, not only that I get them there 45 minutes early to meet their cousins to walk to school so I can leave for work. Long story short before the Wellbutrin I was shouting at the kids to get ready and not really getting out on time. After the Wellbutrin Everything is running smoothly... I've become more inventive and directed in getting the kids motivated and in general just more effective. I jump from one task to the next and just get everything done... and simply getting up has become easier. I'm interested in how it will go once the 3-4 weeks "effective" phase begins.

08-26-16, 01:31 PM
And to be honest I'm guessing the effectiveness for WB for ADD is highly dependent on your source of add. For instance Adderall and Stattera never really worked for me, but I used to take ritalin and it was like a wonder drug for me. I have a feeling if Ritalin was effective for you in the past than WB may be work for you too.

09-12-16, 05:05 PM
I really like the WB for my ADD (PI type). It's much less "speedy" feeling than adderall.
For me it was quite noticeable within a few days.

09-12-16, 07:40 PM
In my experience with bupropion/Wellbutrin 450mg/day and/or dextroamphetamine/Dexedrine 60mg/day...

I noticed a reduction in my brain fog when taking bupropion/Wellbutrin on the same day I took the med if I took it in the morning, but it is minor compared and contrasted with the effect of dextroamphetamine/Dexedrine, which also takes effect the same day the med is taken.

The antidepressant effect of bupropion/Wellbutrin takes effect in about 2-1/2 weeks, and is fully present in 4 weeks. The antidepressant effect of dextroamphetamine/Dexedrine takes effect and is fully present the same day the med is taken.

I donít consider bupropion/Wellbutrin to be an efficacious treatment for my ADHD, but it does work well for my mood.

Dexedrine is an efficacious treatment for my ADHD, and is among the most potent mood-brightening pharmaceuticals I have ever experienced.