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06-15-16, 04:18 PM
....I posted most of the other types of jewelry in another thread ....but the pendants are the most fun of all to make ......I have acquired dozens and dozens of decorative findings to use with the watch movements ....porcelain pocket watch movements ....( the porcelain dials are from about 1870s to the late 1920s ...and are made with real porcelain with a copper center ....many get cracked and chipped ....and with the exception of some of the highly decorated dials, ( very very rare) I use only the crack and chip free dials ...and the porcelain dials come in all sizes as that's what they use on the ladies pocket watches too there is a huge variation in sizes...

....I also use some of the very ornate metal pocket watch dials ....

With the porcelain dials some are centered with Swarzy crystals, and some are centered with the crowns from other watches .....( crown is the part you turn to wind the watch) ...and a few I forgot to put anything in the middle .... I gather all the fancy findings, small charms, ( like stars, watch wheels, and other tiny goodies) and watch parts and have a wonderful time putting them all together ....and then, as I am in Michigan, each and every one has to be shown to Janet and praised ...heh ....

....BUt the best sellers of the pendants far and away are the ones that are simply made from the largest 3 sizes of watch movements that are heavily damaskeened .....( watchmakers word for "etched") beautiful and delicate designs are etched not only to the top flat parts of the movement, but on the really good movements, they are also etched in the bottom layers of the watch one but the watch maker, and anyone who worked on the watch was hidden under the backcover...and they are LARGE ! and heavy too ...they can be larger than 2 1/4 inches across, and nearly 1/4 inch thick ....and many of them are pinstriped damaskeening.....

....Everyone seems to be enthralled by these massive movements and how absolutely gorgeous they are of my cufflinks fanatics ( they are made from ladies watches movements) ( he keeps coming back for more for more friends) bought one last month just to hang on his desk to admire everyday ....

....So having said that ...lets start with those .....

you can see some of the pinstripes, and some other interestings one ....the all gilt one is what is known as a "Full Plate" watch movement and usully denotes highest quality moevment.....but you don't see much !

this is a size 12 ( smallest of the 3 largest sizes) men's pocket watch movements ...,,Elgin Movement ...there's some smutz on the cogs....I call them "hypno" cogs....cause they remind me of the spinning cards they would show on TV to portray someone being hypnotized.....isn't it just fabulous ? ...this movement is slightly less than 2 inches across....

now this group is sideways, but still easy to see I hope ....

also sideways ....a page of the very ornate ones ....( the bottom 3 on the left, have dangly golden stars and those have tiny rhinestones in them ,gimme that sparkle !)

06-15-16, 04:24 PM
Wow they are amazing salleh, well done you! :grouphug:

06-15-16, 07:20 PM
Super cool!!!!

06-15-16, 08:35 PM
OMG! Those are amazing! I love them! :yes:

Can I ask how much you charge for them? I love the one with all the little gears hanging from the watch face with no hands.

06-16-16, 12:03 AM
i love these!!!

06-16-16, 04:25 AM
Silly question but do these still tell the time?

06-16-16, 08:03 AM
no sweetie ....I get the parts, usually from ebay, for the most part because the cases have been scrapped for gold ....I get the movement itself, hopefully with the dial still attached ...wristwatch dials are fairly easy to remove, you just have to be careful when you pry them off not to bend the dial .....there's 2 or 3 little pokey metal pins that stick down into the movement ....( in order to use the dial I have to twist the little legs off, and make sure they are then filed all the way off )

....Pocket watch dials that are on the higher end ( jeweled ) are more difficult ...there are 2 or 3 teeny tiny screws on the SIDE of the movement usually set deeply and there are no screw drivers small enough to fit in that teeny hole, so I have to file my smallest screwdriver down even smaller ....those screws hold the pins securely which holds the dial, and keeps it from spinning around ....and those old pocket watch dials are the porcelain ones, so you have to be very careful so you don't crack the porcelain ....

...SOme of those screws haven't been touched in 80 years, so they are well and truly stuck in there and it takes me many tries to get it out ....

...and since the screwdriver's tip is so narrow and thin, I have to re-file it many times for won't let go screw....can be very frustrating ..and then those screwdrivers are hard to keep in their slots, and slip out and stab me ...oh what I suffer for my art ....heh

....then there are some I just can't get out to save my life, those go to one of my watch guys !

.....the porcelain dials are all at least 90 years old ...but porcelain doesn't really age usually stays the same bright white it started life with can easily crack or break off the copper I have to be careful with them ....

....this is just a few of the chores I have to do to get the raw material ready to use ....

08-13-16, 09:10 PM
My clockwork pendants came in the mail today and they are so GeOrGeOuS!!!

Even more beautiful than in the photos!


09-20-16, 09:54 PM
Happy Birthday to my daughter, Jenn. She loves her watch face pendant!
Thank you salleh. :yes:

09-21-16, 03:47 PM
So glad to hear this Lunacie ! .....I can truthfully say I do put my heart and soul into the jewelry I make .....