View Full Version : why cant i stay focused at work?

06-15-16, 01:23 PM
im 41 and newly diagnosed, a couple weeks now. I am on adderall 5mg twice a day. One of the things i struggle with greatly is staying focused and on task while at work. Or to say it better i have trouble doing work while at work

i KNOW im supposed to be doing work but i find myself on the computer surfing the web or doing non-work things, or ill wander off and go talk to someone or whatever else i can find to do, other than work. I tell myself "stop doing this and get to work!" sometimes that works and ill quit goofing off for a little while but then ill find myself right back on the net.

ive tried blocking sites and apps that limit time, etc. i just unblock them and continue on. its like i cant control this behavior even though i know i shouldnt be doing it. is this how ADHD is? is it something else? what else can i try to help me stay on task?

06-18-16, 07:18 AM
hey same here. and i havent even tried one of those site blocking things.
Are you getting in trouble for things not getting done?

i have down time and i should do more when i can, im learning slowly that its not worth the misery of suddenly being super busy and then the stuff i could have done earlier, has now also become urgent. ( i am an assistant in a law firm).

you could try setting an online timer for 15 or 30 minutes?
you may just need a ton of mini breaks all day. just accept thats how you work best.

Free to Fly
06-18-16, 08:49 AM
I use avoidance. If oil changes are due on the vehicles, I cut the grass. If I need to re-write a manual, I go answer phones. Kinda like a freakin pinball...eventually stuff gets done, and I look busy, and most folks are happy.

06-18-16, 07:39 PM
so far i havent gotten in trouble at this job. my last job they got on me all the time for being on the internet to much

Little Nut
06-18-16, 11:44 PM
BW, Absolutely not trying to diagnose, because I am incapable of doing it well. OTOH, take stock of your other outstanding problems and discuss them with your Doc. Off the top of my head sounds like one of the aspects of depression. If that is true, you probably have other symptoms as well you and your Doc would be interested in. HTH, -LN

06-19-16, 11:54 PM
yeah little nut ive taken meds for depression for 10 years, just recently diagnosed with the adhd