View Full Version : live in Hawaii or southern California?

06-21-16, 08:25 AM
Does anyone here live in Hawaii or southern California? Or has anyone moved alone?

I live in Illinois and besides my family being here I basically don't enjoy this state. I know moving won't fix any of my problems and actually might make them worse bc I'd be leaving my support system, but I'm curious if anyone has moved by themselves to a nice climate or lives in a really nice climate? And could tell me what they like our dislike about it.

Little Missy
06-21-16, 08:43 AM
I've moved alone. Just remember that no matter where you go, there you are.

06-21-16, 09:46 AM
I have lived in both Hawaii, albeit a short time and it was in 1969 ! but I lived in Southern Cal from 1959 to 1971, then from 1984 till 2007 .....the times I wasn't in SC I was in Northern Cal .....

......As a Californian who has lived both north and south ...I say go north young man ....go north .....the weather is much the same, just a bit rainier in the winter ....when it's not a drought ....and people are much nicer in Northern Cal's prettier by miles,

....both are seriously crowded with cars and commuters, you want to live as close to work as you can afford .....we measure distance by drive time not miles ..a 50 minute commutes can be literally 6 actual miles away ....( like from the east bay to San Francisco !)

.....the younger you are the easier it is to move to a new area by yourself ....and every big move I have made was by myself ....this last one I made at age 58, and while I knew a lot of people in Northern Cal when I left, it had been 28 years since I lived there most were long gone .....and I ended up living an hour and a half from my old homes .....

....I am a rabid Californian ....I dearly love this state, and would live no other place ....other than England or Scotland ....but fat chance of that ! ....

....If I didn't have a plane to catch in a few hours, I'd take an hour and tell you why it's such a great state.....

...but ....there are 2 drawbacks to Cal ....1) it's crowded in the 2 big cities....and 2) no matter where you live there, it's one of the most expensive states you can live in ....but then again ....Hawaii is THE most expensive place to live in the US ...( maybe ALaska too though) ....

good luck !

06-21-16, 10:08 AM
I moved to San Francisco area on my own. I'm back to my hometown now. It's really hard to save any money at all living in places where cost of living is extremely high (unless you can afford to buy a place and the value skyrockets). Money wasn't the biggest reason I moved back though. I missed my family and I love traveling but all my vacation time was being spent going home. Plus my ADHD made me always procrastinate joining clubs and stuff so was quite alone when I lived there.

I never thought much about the weather when I was there. San Francisco is more moderate temperature, not very warm or cold.

I love Hawaii and I would love being able to swim and surf every day in the ocean. But again, cost of living is very high there too. And you would definitely not see your family often if you moved there. I know a lot of Hawaiians actually. The ones I know moved away from there cause they got island fever.

I know some people who live in my state but were from San Diego. They still wish they lived in San Diego. They would surf all the time down there. Food was great. But it still has all the same high cost of living, needing to fly to see family issues.

From people who used to live there, I'm told LA is a hell hole. That there are a lot of superficial people down there. That you have to have bars on your windows for safety. I think their perspective is based on the area of LA they lived in though so it might not be true everywhere. But extremely long drive times is true for most areas down there.

Some of the southern states like Florida, Texas, etc. are an option too if you want warm. Though those areas can get really muggy too depending on where you live. It was like a sauna when I stepped out of the Dallas airport - I couldn't stand that kind of heat. I definitely like San Diego weather a lot more.

The vast majority of people who move away end up moving back and regretting they left cause of the family being so far away, have to travel home all the time, high cost of living issues. This doesn't mean that you'd be one of them - these might be nothing to you compared to the outdoor activities you can do. Just think about how sensitive you would be to these issues wherever you choose to live.

06-21-16, 11:39 PM
Hey, I just read your other post so thought I'd expand on something I said earlier about me moving to CA alone.

That time was actually the worst years of my life. My ADHD made it so I couldn't get myself to go out and make friends at all. I don't have social anxiety or anything like that. It's just that I'm introverted so don't really like socializing so couldn't get myself off my butt to join clubs and make friends. So I was completely alone down there. I wanted to move back home where I had my family for support but my ADHD kept me from applying for jobs so I just kept staying in CA year after year even though I had wanted to move back before the end of the 1st year. I was only lucky that a headhunter called me and helped me find a job back home or I might have suffered down in CA for ages longer.

Do you feel like you may end up having the same issues as me if you move somewhere else alone? Do you have support in your hometown now? Or do you live in a toxic environment that you absolutely need to escape from before it's too late so moving is the absolute right thing for you?

These questions are for me much more important in terms of whether I move at all than anything about how nice a city may or may not be. I kind of wonder if it's the same for you.