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06-22-16, 01:05 PM
I tried doing a search for a thread about finding a Doc. I can see by reading other people's posts that I am not the only one frustrated and feeling like I hit a brick wall.

I have a fantastic psychiatrist who was in private practice when I began seeing her. She has now joined a practice with several other psychiatrists and a huge support staff. It's become a nightmare accessing treatment from her.

I have concluded it would be best for me to find another Doc. I am interested in finding out how other folks have found a competent ADD Doc. Has anyone contacted pharmacists or behavioral health care units for referrals?

06-22-16, 01:45 PM
Private doctors might be faster to get by, if you can afford the cost. Otherwise it depends on how the medical system works where you live and what your needs are (medication, therapy, both physical and psychological follow up, etc).

There are probably waiting lists in the public care, but it might take a while before you reach someone. You can try looking up for psychiatrists in your area & research their specialities online or ADHD clinics and call them to ask if they accept new patients/your insurance.

Pharmacists might not know of specific places for referal imo, unless their pharmacy is affialiated with a clinic (normally the ''walk-in'' kind). So the best way is, if you have a family doc, you can ask them for a referral.

It's usually not an issue and they will probably know how to help you in the process. Also make sure you get a copy of our medical file, it can be useful to your new doctor and give them information about your diagnosis, treatments you've had, etc.

06-29-16, 02:02 AM
I havent had to find a new psychiatrist in 16 years so back then I used who was in my insurance network and the yellow pages. Now when I need to find a doctor I use my insurance network and google and also read reviews about the doctor.

06-29-16, 10:44 PM
I know this sounds too good to be true, but frankly, I have found every psychiatrist I've dealt with to have quite a high level of sensitivity to and understanding of ADHD.

The only psychiatrists I would steer clear of are those that want to do talk therapy and don't give out medications. I say find a non-M.D. therapist for the counseling part and use a psychiatrist to focus on the meds.

ADHD isn't controversial among psychiatrists as a rule. Maybe among some therapists and in the public, but my sense is that psychiatrists are taught quite strongly that ADHD is a serious, debilitating brain condition that can have a devastating effect on people's lives if it is untreated. So I don't know that you need a specialist in ADHD.

Have you had bad luck with psychiatrists in the past?

Good luck.


06-30-16, 01:33 AM
If you have a good relationship with your GP, asking him or her may be best. Otherwise friends and family. i know it can be somewhat of a sensitive subject, if you ask discreetly and privately, you may gt son good answers back. Otherwise if there's a large hospital network in your area that you normally go to, they usually have physician referral services...