View Full Version : Is Concerta the proper med for ADD-PI? and will the proper ADD meds help with ODD?

06-24-16, 12:30 PM
My son started Concerta two months ago and I am questioning whether this is the appropriate medication for ADD-PI. Everything I read suggests amphetamines to be a better choice. From a parent perspective I am not sure what to be looking at when making this judgement. I try to talk to him, but it is like walking a fine line and I really have to find appropriate timing when engaging in a conversation. I also find it hard to get information out of him. Maybe I'm not asking the right questions. Suggestions?

At this point I am also wondering if he has ODD. Will the proper ADD medication help with that?

06-24-16, 12:47 PM
There have been few head-to-head studies of different stimulant medications. For this reason, there's not a solid scientific basis to suggest that either methylphenidate-based medications or amphetamine-based medications are "better" for any particular presentation of ADHD.

Some relevant questions here are:
- Has the Concerta helped with your son's symptoms? A little? A lot?
- Is he experiencing any bothersome side effects?
- Is the oppositionality a new thing since starting medication, or does it predate meds? (And is he a teenager, or younger?)
- Is he getting any therapy, educational support, or other interventions besides the medications?

If the medications haven't produced much improvement in symptoms, and/or if he's experiencing side effects, then it might be worth trying a different dose and/or medication.

If the meds are noticeably helping, and there aren't any unmanageable side effects, then this might be a good medication for him. There might be some tweaking of dosage that could help more, but it's probably not worth changing to a different medication just because there are stories that it's better for inattention.

Yes, if a child's ODD is primarily due to the consequences of ADHD, medication will often help with it.

In general, medications -- even when they are effective -- rarely produce 100% remission of ADHD symptoms, though they can help a lot. This means that it's often necessary to use other strategies in addition to medications.

I wish you and your son the best in getting things sorted out!

06-24-16, 12:51 PM
I'm ADHD-I and I take Concerta.

It's definitely helped.

06-25-16, 11:46 AM
Namazu covered everything fairly well. The only thing I can add is that from a personal point of view, Methylphenidate really helps with ODD by reducing impulsive behaviors. With that said, for some people, myself included, there's also a learned behavior associated with ODD, and that should be addressed as well.

I've also found that Buproprion helps with ODD by helping me to be a little more introspective about my emotions, which in retrospect is oddly specific, and it also lasts longer than Methylphenidate.