View Full Version : Wellbutrin canceling out Vyvanse?

06-24-16, 04:13 PM
I am a 25 year old female and was diagnosed with ADHD-inattentive type 6 years ago and just recently diagnosed with atypical depression. I had been on 20mg Adderall IR and the headaches that occurred when it wore off began getting worse so my doctor switched me to 50mg Vyvanse this past April. It works so much better for me! Pretty much the same effectiveness as Adderall, but it's much smoother wearing off.

I saw my doctor this week and he wanted me to start 150mg Wellbutrin and change the Vyvanse to 40mg to see if this would help my ADHD and depression, because even though the ADHD has been under control, I still struggle with depression.

I took my first dose today- Wellbutrin at 8:30 am and Vyvanse 40mg after lunch around 12:30 (I take the Vyvanse later as I need it to last until around 9 or 10pm). I know it takes time for anti-depressants to make any kind of difference but I felt nothing after taking the Wellbutrin. I just felt tired, which is nothing new as I am constantly tired these days. My concern is that it has been almost 3 hours since I took the Vyvanse and I don't feel it at all. I usually feel it working within an hour. Could this be something to do with the Wellbutrin? Also, I know the dose I took today was 10mg less than what I previously took, but I still expected to feel something. Should I take them at the same time?

I was on Lexapro several years ago and had a terrible experience (angry all the time, made depression worse, etc..) so I was hesitant to even start the Wellbutrin, but I am so desperate to enjoy life again I thought it was worth a shot. However, I work full time and am a full time grad student so I can't have my ADHD medication not working either.
Not sure if this makes a difference, but when I got the Wellbutrin filled I noticed it was generic, I believe Bupropion.

I have a follow up appointment with my doctor next month to see how the Wellbutrin is doing and change my Vyvanse back to 50mg if necessary, but I just wanted to see if anyone else had experienced anything like this when taking these medications?

06-24-16, 04:35 PM
I take Dexedrine and Wellbutrin and I have taken them together, and I
have taken each of them alone over a period of weeks, and I can say
for myself, Wellbutrin and Dexedrine do not seem to have any significant
interaction...again, for me.

My doses are much higher...60mg/day Dex (equiv. to ~150mg Vyvanse),
and 300/450mg/day Wellbutrin.

Perhaps they do interact in you.

That said, per mg, Vyvanse is the weakest ADHD drug. Perhaps part of
the problem is your dose is too low to manage your ADHD presentation
of disability effectively.

For some people, Wellbutrin can be stimulating, so maybe that is why
he reduced your Vyvanse dose, or maybe he is just playing it safe.

For me, I figure not to worry about any problem until there is a problem,
and it seems with Dex and Wellbutrin, I am like a horse anyway.


06-24-16, 08:39 PM
I'm also on both. 70 mg Vyvanse and 150 mg Wellbutrin (generic) / day. I'm supposed to be on 150 mg twice a day, but the morning dose is all I can remember, and that's only because of the Vyvanse (makes such a difference that I remember - though plenty of days I have to turn the car around to go back and get it). Even before I started the Vyvanse, I had such a hard time remembering the Wellbutrin that I only took it on occasion, so I consider myself not having really been on it at the start.

It may be the 10 mg decrease. It could still be the combo for you though. Drugs can work differently for each person.

I hope today was a one off thing or that you get it figured out shortly. It can be hard and frustrating when your meds don't seem to be helping.

06-25-16, 08:32 AM
did you have an effect on wellbutrin taking it only on occasion? Many people report it takes weeks to have an effect.

what is wellbutrins mighty effect in addition to dexamphetamine looking at the classified categories of symptoms? what is better and what is worse?

I took it for some days before ritalin. cigarettes tasted like inhaling ashtrays and it felt like giving drive for the first days but then it made me tired and sick and i got cramps while running why I did not agree it as my medication. I tried it sometimes while taking ritalin and it definately had an effect but i felt overstimulated so I did not repeat. comparing ldx to mph in balancing my symptoms it feels to me like mirrored effectiveness on treating the symptoms.

06-25-16, 10:33 AM
Never took Vyvanse, but I've taken various amphetamine preparations alongside Wellbutrin with no problems.

06-25-16, 11:19 AM
For me Wellbutrins effect was a little stimulating but increasing motivation and drive.

Lisdexamphetamine makes a bit too satisfied and happy in opposition or contrast to motivation and drive due to overbalancing hypo and hyperactivity, could wellbutrin then give the impact on motivation and drive and little bit more hyperactivity? I think it is sad there are no smaller dosages than 150mg of wellbutrin to reach neither a lower medication nor micro-dosage balances.

I believe wellbutrin is a quite good med but they should modify their pills architecture splitting the substances slow release single container into eight containers and redesign the pill like a cake you can break in 8 parts each carrying a single container.

I dont like it if the patient has neither an option to take an individual dosage nor a option to split a pill into pieces.

Its like take it or leave it.

I would like to test 25,50,75mg of wellbutrin added to 40mg Vyvanse.