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06-26-16, 12:00 AM
My husband has been on Vyvanse for about 2 months with incredible results. However, the last few days his throat clearing, coughing has been out of control Hundreds and hundreds of times per day. This was a pre existing tic that was part of his undiagnosed ADHD and self medicating.
Any insight?

06-27-16, 05:24 AM
Amphetamines were used as a medication for sniff and coughs in the 30ies due to their positive effect on the mucous membrane.

Little Missy
06-27-16, 08:27 AM
I clear my throat constantly. And cough. I figured it was asthma.

06-27-16, 10:29 AM
It's possible that the Vyvanse is worsening the tic directly, and it's also possible that the tic would have gotten worse on its own anyway, since tics sometimes do that.

If the Vyvanse were going to trigger a tic directly (through its stimulant effects), I would have expected it to happen earlier in the treatment, after he'd just started taking it, or after a dose increase. However, sometimes these things aren't so clear, so I wouldn't rule out the possibility, either.

As C15H25N3O mentioned, stimulants can affect congestion (via blood flow) and also mucous membranes. They are also often associated with dry mouth (inadequate saliva production).

It's possible that physical sensations related to something like this (dry mouth, weird feeling in the throat) could trigger a throat-clearing/coughing tic, especially if the tendency to have that tic was already there at a low level.

If that's the case, then ensuring adequate hydration in general, and mouth moisture specifically (you can buy sprays meant for dry mouth), might help reduce the physical trigger for the tic somewhat. Chewing gum may also help, both by stimulating saliva production and by giving some of his mouth muscles something else to focus on.

Otherwise, it might be something to just ride out, as annoying as it is. If it doesn't settle down soon, though, or if his throat is getting irritated/raw from the repeated coughing/clearing, it would be worth mentioning to the doctor (or maybe it will be obvious...but mention it anyway!) to see if a change in dose or medication might help. The doctor might also have some ideas for combatting dry mouth.

Best wishes!

06-27-16, 10:49 AM
Learn about mucus forming foods, as well. I was blown away by that bit of info that was never shared in any educational venue I attended. It improved my life, overall. I now have much less issue with "colds", "allergies", and random respiratory stuff that used to be frequent in my world, with and without medications.

Frustrated One
06-28-16, 12:13 AM
I clear my throat constantly too. I don't think it is a tic though. I constantly feel it difficult to breath and am constantly congested. I have vocal cord dysfunction which in a way mimics asthma. Now I am worried about Vyvanse. I was hoping I could try that next, as nothing else has worked. I can say that I thought Buproprion did that to me though.