View Full Version : anyone volunteer or work for a non profit?

06-26-16, 09:39 PM
Does anyone here work for a non-profit, or help the less fortunate or the needy, or elderly, or anything like this?

I ask because I'm starting to care less and less about money. I have ideas for side projects that I think could help keep me afloat, plus have some money saved up, and I think between the 2 it could allow me to explore this option of helping others full time.

I ask because, I don't know if I'm just different than others, or if no one just mentions it, but every time I see someone who is having an obvious difficult go at life, I always want to help them. For example- I saw an old man today who just was having the hardest time walking, had horrible posture, looking striaght down, probably 80s, skinny, frail, and I had already gotten out of my car and was almost inside when I saw him, but I wanted to go get my car and drive him wherever he was headed. I didn't, but I wish I had at least asked. Does anyone else ever have this happen too- like do you always feel an urge inside to help someone who's struggling in life when you see it?

06-27-16, 02:24 AM
i work for a non profit and not all non profit companies are.benevolent. It is a business and money is involved. That said. The rest of your story i totally feel the same. i think do what you can as you can.

06-27-16, 03:41 AM
If you choose to only volunteer cause you think you have enough money, just make sure that's true.

I imagine Brexit will cause a lot of turmoil in the world economy and your savings might be impacted. And you know US health insurance costs are always rising.

06-27-16, 09:21 AM
I work for a non-profit. What Ginniebean said is true, not all are really helping as much as they could or should. At small non-profits, like the one I work for, there is a lot of focus on money because a small dip in income, grant money, governtment funds, etc can mean people's jobs disappearing. It's frustrating.

However, I do have the same urge you do to help people when I see them struggling, which is why I work here. And despite all of the bureaucracy, I think we do make a difference.

06-27-16, 10:07 AM
I've attempted to help various non-profits, both as an employee and as a volunteer, but struggle with systems, period. I do very well with it for a little while, but the more I see behind the curtains regarding some of their details and processes, the less I can allow myself to spend my energies there.

I continue to help others, but on my own time and in my own ways, and only when I have a full enough cup to healthily share. I used to allow it to drain me, thinking I was somehow fueling my future tank by doing so. It took me falling flat on my face several times to finally realize what was taking place.

06-27-16, 10:32 AM
I guess the response on non-profits hasn't been all that positive. And they are right, there is office politics and corruption in non-profits the same for profit companies. (mom worked for one and definite corruption there).

If you can(and some people can't which is ok), realize that in the real world, very, very few things are as perfect and idealistic as we wish them to be. So yes, there may be corruption but at the same time, you would still be doing some good too. I myself would feel like I can do just the same amount of good in a for profit/paid position as you can in a volunteer position.

But if a non-profit is what's right for you, I'd research the non-profit to death before you work there. See what percentage of the money they take in actually goes out to the needed (most output less than 10%). Find out what aspects of the non-profit you might not like and think about whether you can live with those negatives or not.