View Full Version : took sons vyvanse by accident passing drug test

06-27-16, 07:21 PM
On Saturday morning I got my medication and my sons medication ready. I take 2 prescriptions and my son takes vyvanse. I put all 3 on the counter. I got water. Turned around scooped all 3 into my hand and swallowed them without thinking. I then realized what I did. So today which is Monday I had to take a preemployment DOT drug test. I am a truck driver. To see where I stand I used a self test drug kit from the pharmacy. I passed that test but I know the lab tests are more reliable. I'm pretty sure I will fail the test. The medical review officer will call me for an explanation. I am going to tell him exactly what happened and it was an accident. I have now put his med in the kitchen cubbard and my meds in my bathroom, to prevent future mistakes. So I am really stressing about this and just need some advice. I'm sure with multiple prescriptions in the hosue for multiple people this happens at times. I was in a hurry and was not paying attention. Anyone have any experience in this type of situation? I have his prescription bottle so I can produce it on demand. This is the only time I ever took an amphetamine. I read it can take 2 to 3 days. It was exactly 36 hours from the time I took the med to I had the drug test.

07-01-16, 04:10 AM
I dont know much about how long it takes to eliminate amphetamines. I will say that since you dont take them everyday, you wont have that 'constant' or 'build up' of having some in your system like I would because I take them everyday. If you had been taking it for 2 weeks, I would be worried. You may very well pass it but your plan sounds reasonable if you dont.

07-01-16, 08:09 PM
Amphetamines can be found in urine 1-4 (depending on the dosage) days and in blood 1 day. Good luck!

07-13-16, 02:34 PM
Tell them to run a spectrum analysis to find out it is dextroamphetamine and not meth-anything

08-02-16, 12:33 PM
OK. Well at least you learned your lesson. You should get those plastic containers where you fill your meds by day. I wouldn't worry cause you haven't failed yet. If for some reason you do fail, I would consider hiring a lawyer to advocate for you. Because while telling the truth is usually the best, if your contract holds you strictly liable for your drug tests (like in pro sports) even an accident can get you canned. There may also be an appeal mechanism in your contract that a lawyer could help you with. But don't freak out or spend any $ unless you are told you failed.