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06-28-16, 09:12 PM
Dose(20mg XR) daily
A few months ago i was prescribed Ritalin for ADHD. Ive had adhd/depression/anxiety for pretty much my whole life. It pretty much destroyed me. When I first started taking the ritalin i had much better energy. The first week i guess the "buzz" made it actually harder to focus. Then after the first week and i was used to the medication. I finally tried some schoolwork. I was blown away by how much i could concentrate. I could actually sit there and read and learn. My parents were surprised to see me in my room for so long doing something besides video games. If anyone walked in to say something i would say ok and snap back to my work rather than letting it be a distraction. It helped me lose weight and also helped a lot with my anxiety allowing me to focus on what task i was doing instead of thinking about all kinds of random crap and keeps me calm in social settings. On top of that i was learning for fun also, often settings schedules for different things like learning Japanese and learning exercises and plans to get in shape. Its like ritalin showed me i could go up a staircase one step at a time instead of trying to stretch to the fifth step and fall over(if that makes sense) After a while that all faded. i stopped working out. i couldn't focus on schoolwork anymore. It just doesn't do what it used to. i don't know if im supposed to have a higher dose? I'm a male 5'10 and 175 pounds. I want to go back to the new me during the first few weeks. Now that I've also been prescribed remeron for depression. somehow i don't feel the Ritalin working at all. im all over the place and cant seem to focus. I just dont know if i should try a higher dose or what. im confused. Any thoughts?

06-30-16, 08:13 PM
You should talk to you physician almost if it is a call.

Ritalin as a stimulant forces vigilance and attention but also protects from emotional impacts similar to the shell protecting a turtle. It is not uncommon to experience lack of emotions on ritalin due to its passive emotional protection.

Amphetamines also force vigilance and attention but a little bit different compared to Ritalin. Its simple more active protection for emotional impacts is empathy and its little depressant effect.

For some Ritalin works better for others works Amphetamine better. I guess it depends on each ones personalities regular-state and where it is affected and pushed to by ADHD.

I think amphetamines are worth a try but its your physicians decision and he needs your information to decide.