View Full Version : Does Vyvanse affect ability to conceive?

06-29-16, 04:45 AM
Hi everyone,

I recently got married, I am 36 years old trying for a baby for the first time.

I recently saw my doctor to find out whether I was able to still take my Vyvanse (70mg)while trying for a baby.

He has me informed that its best not to take it as it might interfere with conception given my age and the fact my husband and I don't live in the same country.

I will be traveling soon to join him but we only have couple of months together and i am desperate to have baby.

However I really struggle to function without my medication so I am concerned how I will be during those months.

Has anyone who is similar age group conceived while taking Vyvanse?


06-29-16, 05:59 AM
A quick Google search turned up a lot of speculation and little actual help. There seemed to be some concern that it can interfere with your menstrual cycle, which I think is what you're concerned about? No evidence of long-term damage, and no one seemed to know exactly what the short-term effects were. I would personally get a second opinion, either from a specialist or from one of those sites where you e-mail a doctor.

I do know it's not uncommon to conceive on amphetamines, otherwise college students would like them even more. ;)

06-30-16, 11:59 PM

Thanks for replying, it was a ADHD Specialist Doctor who gave me that advise.

I have been searching but most things is about affects of vyvanse during pregnancy.

Methiopropamine and pregnenolone was suggested as alternative to Vyvanse. Any experience with them?


07-30-16, 01:26 PM
I got pregnant last year while taking 70mg daily. My husband and I were even being careful, not trying to have a baby. :) She was a joyous surprise!