View Full Version : Either im old or somethings up

07-01-16, 02:42 AM
Hey i'm on 2x5mgs 3-4 times daily of Dexamphetamine, i couldn't find like a side effects section to cross reference with but i'm having some problems i'm now 2 months into medication.

So minor
1.oily skin
2.pms never had it till meds
3.BO issues (most likely need more water)
4. minor swelling of feet at end of very active days

The one thing that has changed is my hips hurt, i woke up one morning and it hurt so much all my muscles etc, but the bones and muscles hurt i'm on day 3 of this pain and my legs feel weak and hurt the more i move.

My gp second one claims i just should loose weight, im not obese or anything 190pounds for 5 ft 8 maybe chubby but not overweight i have a very exspensive mattress my point of posting in here was it possible the Dex had made me deficient in like magnisium or calcium i'm only 25 but feel like im old lady with dodgy hip sigh

07-01-16, 06:22 PM
A side effect of Dex is muscle tension. I have to monitor this. Cheleted magnesium I think is a must, there is a magnesium spray.
You may find that there is a certain degree of fitness that your body needs, this may be contributing to the way you feel.

Drink plenty of water, at least a couple of litres a day. IMO

07-02-16, 03:32 AM
yes i tried the magnisium spray and supps not helping. to be honest after the degree of pain i'm in i have decided it's not related to medication. thanks though :)

07-02-16, 05:36 AM
I would stick with the magnesium, your body will be burning through it. Look at vitamin intake also.

08-01-16, 03:43 PM
Another thing I recommend is oral rehydration salts. They sell them on amazon. Dehydration is part of stimulant use too and they are like gatorade or pedialyte but in packages and just the glucose, salt and potassium and with a quart of water, I tend to use 1-3/day depending on temperature out and it helps keep me hydrated. My hips will hurt if I don't force exercise and I am hyper so Dexedrine can make me really lazy so I always make sure I have a list of tasks and that ones involving physical activity is included and try to go for walks. I can lay around and sit around for days and that makes my hips hurt.