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07-01-16, 12:17 PM
Hello People out there,

I'm going to see my psychiatrist next week to review my second month on 30 mg of Vyvanse. When we first met, my psych also diagnosed me with general anxiety. Anxiety, for me, has a very damaging manifestation: irritation at best, violent rage at worst.

My family, unfortunately, have born the brunt of my anger. I fear more meaningful relationships as well as securing a career because of my self-destructive rage. In a few weeks, I'm starting therapy to work on these problems. Additionally, I wanted to explore the possibility of taking antidepressants that can help with my anxiety and anger issues.

If anyone can comment on whether medications like Prozac or Zoloft has helped reduce their anger, please elaborate for me. I would like to know what drug and at what dosage, and what negative side effects, if any, you experienced. I know everyone is different and reacts differently to medication, but I am still curious to know more about your experience.

Thank you for reading.

07-03-16, 12:45 PM
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07-04-16, 04:23 AM
Yes, for my 14 yr old daughter Zoloft at 150mg has helped a lot with her anger. It appears her anger was a result of her anxiety. It did take a full 2months for the Zoloft to really take effect, so if you try it then know it may take some time before you see improvement.

Therapy to learn tools to help my daughter feel "grounded" has also helped her deal with her anxiety, thus helping her with her anger.

07-04-16, 06:03 AM
I take cymbalta for bipolar but one of the issues with bipolar can be anger. Its an SNRI and its been a life saver for me. I take 90 mg.

07-04-16, 06:14 AM
For me all anti depressants did wonders for anxiety (not so much for depression). I first took sertraline (zoloft), then venlafaxine and finally duloxetine.

I side effects:

Sertraline: extreme mood swings, initially restlessness

Venlafaxine (effexor): even more extreme mood swings, worsening of depression and suicidal ideation, fatigue

Duloxetine (cymbalta): sleepiness at higher doses

Keep in mind though that individuals usually experience very different side effects (and benefits). For example for me, all anti depressants caused a loss of appetite though most people might report an increase in appetite.

The only way to know which one will work for you is by trial and error. But yeah, they did wonders for my anxiety and they all also helped with rumination and obsessive tendencies.

07-06-16, 04:47 AM
Sarah had said her anger was a result of bipolar. My daughter was diagnosed bipolar by a therapist early in our journey. For her it was the wrong diagnosis, but it took some time to figure that out.

Just goes to show there are many reasons behind anger. Finding a good doctor, getting the correct diagnosis, then perhaps trying meds that may or may not work, is a difficult process but worth it in the end.