View Full Version : Is it normal for a low dose of Dexedrine to last 45 min to 1 hour?

07-01-16, 06:31 PM
So, I just started Dexedrine today, coming off Adderall. My doc has me taking 5 mg 2x a day then after 7 days 10 mg 2x a day. The Dex works much better in terms of concentration quality AND it's not hardly affecting my pulse rate (which is why I wanted off the Adderall) BUT it only seems to last 45 min to an hour. Is this normal for a low dose of Dexedrine? Could this possibly improve once I get used to Dex? I take the Dex on an empty stomach and do not consume anything acidic. Normally I would wait at least an hour and a half to eat, like I did on Adderall, but the meds are worn off by then anyway. It is really quite frustrating.

07-01-16, 09:28 PM
I couldn’t say. I’ve never taken that little, and my sense is 5mg b.i.d. is a
quite small dose based on normative human metabolism and bioavailability.

Also, how do you know the Dex has “worn off?”


07-01-16, 09:57 PM
I can feel it start working, head getting clear, increased focus. But then after around an hour or so my head goes back to being foggy and the elevated mood it causes goes back to what it was before I took it. I guess I can't say 100% that is has worn off but at the very least the positive effects from it have.