View Full Version : Enormous sense of smell on Vyvanse

07-01-16, 08:47 PM
Is it usual or did someone else experience an enormous sense of smell on Vyvanse?
I sometimes think I have a sense of smell like a pregnant woman.
I can smell food I have eaten 2 hours ago from my skin.
Not garlic but cucumber, spices, avocado, ...

Little Missy
07-01-16, 08:55 PM
My sense of smells is so overwhelming and I've never taken Vyvanse. Maybe it is an ADHD thing.

07-04-16, 04:04 AM
I dont think your sense of smell is necessarily better but your ability to focus enough to realize it might be whats going on.

08-02-16, 02:05 PM
Lol. Certainly not my experience. But to each their own.

Little Nut
08-03-16, 12:04 AM
Late in the day and the terminology escapes me, but amphetamines clear/drain your sinuses and chest. It may be someone with chronic low levels of congestion/inflammation in their sinuses being able to breathe better through their nose.

08-03-16, 05:47 AM

Since I take the amphetamine I have clean nose and did not get any sinuses inflammations in the winter.

I did not even have a cold.

It must be the positive effect on the mucous membrane that gives me the intense sense of smell.

There is no difference in focussing smells.