View Full Version : Concerta 27mgs

07-02-16, 07:37 PM
I've been taking Concerta for 4 weeks now,I was on 18mgs then I switched up to 27mgs and it seems to be working other than the horrible crash that's comes and the depression feels when it wears off in the afternoon,in general I don't do much during the day but workout and such,I am eating enough and make sure I get enough water in me,I'm not working and have not been for 8 years as I was in an accident and cant find a job for my life.the one thing I do like about medication is that it tends to help me and does lesson the symptoms but not fully;as well everytime.he I've gone to the pharmacy to get a med filled I've gone back to pick it up and have not had to pay for it?which is weird,when I was taking adderal just a year ago before I took a long break it was 100 dollars or more and now it's free,how weirmust be my health insurance.