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07-04-16, 02:23 PM
1) I used to be a super angry kid until A certain point of my life. The most significant one was when I had a fight with a friend because he said "**** you" and gave him a concussion. I got so scared when it happened that I vowed I'd never hurt someone else again.
Next event with anger was with people not being fair at a game in school. I punched a wall instead of someone and broke my hand.
Another with my brother and I was punching and biting a pillow instead of him.

The point of the anger things is i was very impulsive and emotional child.

2) I talk so much I can't stop. I never saw it as a problem and just attributed to being social and random but people tell me to focus and stop distracting them so often in group projects. Last week I was at a study group for tax and we studied maybe 1 hour out of 6 in total because of me. I'm very likable so often people don't mind but I just didn't stop.

3) I keep shaking my legs or doing something else when I'm sitting.

4) I want to do so many things at the same time that I never finish one thing because I'm thinking about the other.

5) I need to always be aware of my surroundings and understand where every single nice is coming from and the dark scares me because I can't see what's there. I freak out when I am not aware of my surroundings and get angry at myself if i miss something out.

6) I daydream so often, when I listen to music I always dream of a scenario that suits the music and I feel like I'm there. When I'm in clubs that have pretty lights I always look at them and admire them. I feel like I'm looking at the stars and it's so beautiful.
When someone asks something I don't think of the answer only but I think about why they even asked that, and why they thought of the reason that made them ask that question. For example as I was writing this a friend texted me who I met once in a trip. I was thinking about how she likes me, how to reply to her text, her reaction for my reply, and then what if I reply in a different way.
I feel like I need to know all possibilities and I imagine them.

7) I was always very random and I took pride in it but now as I work more often in teams it's hindering our performance. People always asked me how I am thinking about something so different from the topic at hand suddenly.
These are a few things that come at the top of my head.

TLDR; do you think I have ADHD? I know I need to go to a professional but it would help at least confirming it a bit.
Because I feel like I look for things to say that I have it because my academic performance has deteriorated since moving out and I'm scared as I come from a middle eastern culture were if you don't have high grades you're nothing and worthless, it was the only thing I was good at and I have no other skills or hobbies but I'm trying but it's still scary.

07-08-16, 11:13 PM
It sounds like you have some symptoms, but as you said, you need to go to a professional. It sounds like you're in school, so please go talk with a counselor. It's important not to allow your schoolwork to go down the drain, but also realize that you're more than your grades and no matter how crappy they might become, they don't define you. They certainly don't give your life meaning or worth, either. Grades are only one way of measuring how we function in life.