View Full Version : Hey , say congratulations ! I lost my job, how can i specify the suitable career ?

07-05-16, 11:29 AM
I am Emy
23 years old
I am graduated from faculty of commerce
I don't know how can I specify the suitable career for me
I cannot focus ! And I feel bored easily
I think that all jobs need to be focused
So what can I do ?
I don't know which career I like plus its hard to have a job
Anyone here understand ?

07-05-16, 12:32 PM
I'm. Sorry you lost your job. That sucks but hopefully it means that you can now look.for a job that suits you better.

I don't think there is a particular job that is suitable for adhd ers but I think that if you have adhd it's very important that your job is in a field that you highly interesting or ideally are extremely passionate about. You'll find it easier to focus on something you naturally care about and find interesting.

Apart from that it really depends on an individual. For me, I do well with a lot of structure and fixed, hard deadline. I'm not good at self guided, self.motivated work as that allows me too many opportunities to procrastinate.