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07-06-16, 01:15 PM
Hi :)

I'm Portuguese an I'm 31 years old.
(sorry about my english)

I have been living with my symptoms for so long i cant well remember when they started.

I dint know about ADD-PI/SCT until early this year.
I found out I had APHANTASIA. And during a test someone take to find correlations with that, my result come as ADHD with a score of 8 out of 10.
I thought omg what is that? And I read a lot about it since. And I'm thinking in get a real diagnosis. Because i cant be functional like this, before i found out about ADD i used to think i had some problem I called it "Brain Fog", but all my medical analysis come perfect...

My symptoms:

(I'm ambitious, i'm motivated but i just can't make me do stuff, I was like that on elementary school... until college).

Essential tremors.
(I shake all the time, but when i'm nervous or anxious witch is the majority of the time i shake a lot more)

Social anxiety.
(Talk to people makes me nervous, although i like people, but my heart races and... bahhhhhh)

Social self awareness.
(Always thinking what I'm doing while with other people)

General anxiety.
(I wake up anxious and sometimes i cant get up, and i end being on my bed awake with my heart racing feeling overwhelmed to face the day).

Self conscious.

Bad working memory.
(In my former job I turn laptops to see the model number, I then turn them again and open google to find the drivers, but by that time I had forget the model.
I needed to write the model in a piece of paper.
Sometimes i play with godchild that memory games for kids, where a image turns and then you need to find the other one alike, i always loose and he was 5 years old.)

Bad motor coordination.
(I'm known on my parents village as the worst dancer ever, the other day the pt at gym class needed to stop the class cause i couldn't see how to grab the bar in the right position.)

Bad following directions and giving them.
(By the time people finish talking i only remember the last one, bla bla bla bla bla, 3rd round about exit).

Super disorganized.
(I do like organization, but i cant keep things organized so I am sometimes super organized and the other times I cant keep with it, it was the same on school with my class notes, I wrote good notes one day and the other day I couldnt make me take any notes)

Super forgetful.
(Other day i forgot my wallet inside house, I was at the car when i remember the wallet, then I went home and grab my wallet but when i was at the car I forgot my car keys, I end up with my car keys and wallet but forgot my house keys).

Bad listening skills.
(Last year i thought about going to college again, so I sign up for the psychology exams and then I didn't understood the date and write it badly on my agenda, i end up being their a week later, after having study for 2 months and paying 100 dollars)

I have lot of ideas and new projects.
(Always having new ideas to start new projects, to better my business, but i cant do it, or i will start and quit after a while. )

Cant concentrate and focus, I have racing thoughts.
(My brain jump through issues super fast and I sometimes open my computer just to search something on google and end up wasting 3 hours searching for a lot of unrelated subjects, when studying my brains is always loosing focus)

I'm always super tired and without energy, physical and mentally.
(Is like i wake up tired and brain wasted).

Confrontation avoidance.
(I try by all means avoid confrontation)

Love to read about stuff, pshycology, history, economics.
(cant remember most of what i read)

Lack of consistency
( I will eat healthy for a month, and quit by lack of energy, or willpower or i dunno, working out daily for a month, and quit, keep my things organized for a month, and...)

Is like i have two functional states, i want to succeed and do a lot of stuff, but i feel so nervous and paralyzed and overwhelmed or i simply dont do anything and feel completely empty and drained

I also have bad brain speed when processing visual cues
Like in transit while driving, I cant read the situation fast enough and end up being confused and overwhelmed when not driving on my own town. Should i go first or he does!? WTF is this, where should i turn? Can i go in that direction!? HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

Fidgety: One of my few hyperactive/impulsive symptoms
I shake my leg like crazy when I'm at a table and nervous.

I move a lot while sleeping and i cant rest

Never thirsty

Problems with speaking, i cant find the words...

It is difficult to me to organize my thoughts while speaking

Strangely unrealistically optimistic (dont learn from mistakes)
(Always have genuine expectations for productivity or that I'll sort my stuff out... never do)

Forgetful of names
(Names dates, facts...)

07-06-16, 01:54 PM
Continuation... ( I remember some more!)

Problems picking up phone and talking to persons
(Clients, my mother, my boss, it doesn't matter I don't want to talk with anyone, makes me anxious)

Problems following with friendships
(I just don't call and don't feel like going out)

(Possibly related, I don't seem to miss people as much as others. My mind is just to busy thinking about stuff rather than people.)

Very emphatic
(I cry on movies, silently like a man like i has something on my eye, and trying not to be seen but... Seen that documentary "Alive Inside", omg I'm glad I was alone, not so emphatic on real life, like someone say his dog died and i cant feel nothing, but if i saw a movie where his dog dies i would feel emphatic, strange... dunno)

07-06-16, 02:13 PM

75% Introverted 25% Extroverted
65% Intuitive 35% Observant
15% Thinking 85% Feeling
29% Judging 71% Prospecting
90% Turbulent 10% Assertive

07-08-16, 04:33 AM
The only way to know for sure is to see a qualified psychiatrist.

DJ Bill
07-08-16, 02:55 PM
A suggestion for your keys, wallet, etc. Get a small box, basket of bowl, and when you get home the first thing you do is drop the keys, wallet, and any other necessaries you might have in your pockets in the basket. If you forget, and realize you still have them but they are not in the basket, take the time to put them there.

I've been doing this for about two weeks now and it is saving me all sorts of time... And almost every time I don't do it I will be searching for either my keys, wallet, or phone.

It's all about routines and strategies.....

Best of luck, you sound a lot like myself with the last ya wrote.

07-09-16, 03:48 PM
I am going in on Wednesday and your list sounds exactly like me. What happens when you go in? Do they just give you a quiz and ask questions?

08-17-16, 07:09 AM
Still waiting for my secure company approve my apolice. So no doctor for diagnose yet.

Humm I want to add a symptom.

Anxiety dreams... Last night I woke up 4\5 times at least.

I dream i was:

- Fighting and running of zombies.
- Helping to extinguish a fire.
- My girlfriend liked another man.

And I wake up wasted physically and mentally!