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07-09-16, 03:59 PM
So I was doing some community service today and this chick was there to do hers. It was a slow day and Im bored as hell so I just start with the small talk. Eventually, were hitting around a volleyball to pass the time. I was thinking I could probably get her number. If she says no, Ill probably never see her again so who cares. But in the end, I just didnt care.

I have always had a fascination with MILFS/cougars since I was a lil kid. I always wanted to get with one. I have that opportunity right now, but I just dont care.

I have been out of a relationship for a over 2 years now. I havent gotten any sex in about the same time. Would it be nice? Sure. Do I really care? No.

I have been googling this trying to find similar stories and what not but I havent really found any answers. The best guess I can think of for my situation is that I dont find it to be a challenge/stimulating and have this notion I will get bored with them. My previous relationships were like that. I get bored as they cant keep up with the stimulation I am seeking.

Its like I can see it from the rip. Oh, it looks like we are just going to be on completely different levels, so why waste my time.

I am starting to ramble so ya. Is anyone else going through this?

07-23-16, 02:04 PM
this is kind of great because i experience something very similar to you

it boggles my mind when people talk about how long it's been since they last had sex. they'll say, "I havent had sex in a month, i'm dyyyyying!" yeah, well, it's probably been a year since i last had sex, i lost track until you reminded me of my last heartbreak, but i also don't really care.

i've also always been interested in older men and i'm currently seeing a guy that is 16 years my senior. to be honest, he's reignited a small flame of sexual interest in me, and more importantly, he is romantically and personally appealing to me too. i think i have more in common with him than i do with most guys my own age. he's also the only guy that i've dated who is as into kink as i am, so that could have a lot to do with it.... speaking of kink, do you have interest in it? is that the sort of stimulation you think you might need in a relationship in order to keep it interesting? because, for whatever reason, i am not interested in a relationship if my partner isn't willing to explore that side of things.

but for the past few years, i've identified as asexual and sometimes even aromantic, meaning that i experience little to no sexual or romantic attraction to others. in reality, i'm just an incredibly picky person, but i still like to use those identifiers for simplification.

my longest relationship lasted a year, but i experienced emotional/mental, and sexual abuse during the majority of it. my longest relationship outside of that type of coercion, however, only lasted about 6 months. i'm 20, so it makes sense that my relationships havent been very long-lasting. but ironically, i'm not the one who loses interest in my partners. if i do find someone that i like, they're on my mind constantly.

i don't like dealing with immature partners, even though i would definitely say i am immature myself in some matters, or rather, less experienced since i don't actively seek out sex or relationships. part of this is due to lack of self-confidence and fear of rejection. my relationships come naturally and randomly, and i often let them happen unless i know that the other person isn't going to be a positive influence in my life.

i'm not sure if this helps a lot, i'm sort of just rambling now, but i hope it lets u know that ur not alone!!

07-28-16, 04:54 AM
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