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07-10-16, 12:22 PM
I'm on birth control pills to make my period itself less severe, but I don't think my PMS symptoms are ever going to leave. I'm just so irritable and depressed and the whole slew of it. I haven't been able to keep still at work all week. I feel miserable. My room and bathroom are a complete disaster. I feel like giving up. I currently take lo ogestrel for birth control and Viibryd for depression. I was supposed to go to a wedding vow renewal today w my mom but last night and today I am entirely not up for it. She just came into my room to say goodbye without even bothering to ask if she could enter. I had my vibrator right next to my head, and I don't want her ******* seeing that. Hopefully she didn't but I was so pissrd off that I threw my only asthma inhaler across my bedroom and it broke apart. Hopefully I can put it back together but now I'm crying and a total mess. I've felt so depressed these past few days and I have no idea what to do to fix it. Everything takes effort or energy that I don't have. Forget exercise. I honestly just want to give up. I feel so hopeless.

07-10-16, 12:59 PM
I'm so sorry! :grouphug:

I totally get what it's like to have bad PMS - actually, it was the reason I went in to see the psychiatrist (and walked out with an ADHD diagnosis)!

But still, every. single. month. I get bad PMS and I feel so horrible and it's always the worst 1-3 days before my period (especially the day before). Not only do I have physical symptoms which wouldn't be too difficult to deal with by themselves - but I pretty much *always* have a bad anxiety attack lasting hours the day before my period begins. I also get depressed and stuck in negative thought-loops and think everything is the "end of the world."

It's awful. :(

And then - usually a day or two after my period starts all of my mental and physical symptoms vanish and I feel perfectly fine.

It's such a relief.

I'm saying all this because I want you to know you're not alone and other girls out there are going through similar things.

I'm not too sure what to suggest, maybe you could ask for some sort of anxiety medication to take during PMS to instantly calm you down? Like taken as needed for PMS.

Lots of chocolate helps. And forcing myself to exercise even if I don't want to.

Hope you can find some things that work, I don't have many answers because I myself am still stuck with the same issue.

07-10-16, 01:44 PM
So sorry you are going through this!
Birth control helped me immensely.
Also i would be just terribly clumsy and even more forgetful.
Anyway just wanted to say i've been there and i understand :grouphug:
I think Bella has some good tips
Try not to binge eat it will just make it 10x worse. But also, this is not the time to diet!

07-10-16, 02:40 PM
That sounds really awful. I used to get pretty bad pms for a while till I started taking anti depressants (ssri) and then they stopped or at least I didn't notice them anymore. I still don't notice them though I've long ago stopped taking anti depressants.

I'm not sure if some anti depressants are more effective than others regarding pms but it's worth discussing it with your psychiatrist.

For me it was mainly terrible disabling anxiety and depression with suicidal ideation. Once I realised it might be pms I kept telling myself that it's just physical, a malfunction in my body and the world isn't really coming crashing down on me. That helped a bit though not hugely.

07-10-16, 10:37 PM
I really didn't start developing PMS until much later (about three to four years ago). However, I've always had Dysmenorrhea, pain in my lower abdomen and back before and during menstruation, since I started menstruating when I was 13. Unfortunately, as I got older, the pain become more severe to the point that I had several examinations and tests done. The doctors couldn't find anything wrong. Besides taking NSAIDS, the only other option I had was to take birth control. Being a lesbian, I never had to worry about any of that. Since I'm now 33 with an anxiety disorder, I was advised not to take birth control unless it became absolutely necessary. I'm very sensitive to medication (can only handle 5 mg of Adderall XR), so adding something else that might mess with the chemicals in my brain isn't a very good idea. I have found that when if I take small doses of klonopin two or three days before I'm about to start really helps with my mood and the anxiety I tend to get. When I start to have pain in my lower abdomen and back, I have found doing basic Yoga stretches really help in addition to a heating pad. In fact, that sometimes helps more than taking pain relievers.

07-10-16, 11:33 PM
You need to be careful with hormonal birth controls, especially with depression. Have you thought about the copper IUD? I found that eliminated the more emotional aspects of my PMS (although I find my ADHD symptoms get worse, but I can deal with losing things and feeling jittery, I can't deal with the depression).