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07-11-16, 07:56 PM
Just tooting my own horn. Bragging a bit.
I like to post something online every year on my anniversary. Use to post these on a forum that no longer exists at I miss that place. They really carried me through so much through the first year of my quit.

July 11, 2010 I made the decision to quit smoking. I'd smoked my last nasty stick in my last pack the night before...and I somehow stayed strong in the commitment not to allow myself to go downtown to buy anymore.

I had a TON of help. I made a call to 1-800-quit-now and got hooked up with a quit coach who called me once a week to check up with me. I could've also have gotten free patches or gum which I fully planned on doing...but by the time I asked my coach to get me some patches, I'd already had 8 or 9 days of smoke free days under my we talked it out and I decided to just stay the course...what I was doing was already working, why introduce nicotine back to my system at that point?
So I went cold turkey...
Only I had an ARMY load of help with me through it all. There was such a lovely forum at I joined early on in my quit. It was just like these forums...there were TONS of amazing people I related with and who were full of support, love and comfort. It was a VERY positive place to be, and very little negative people.
I spent HOURS on those forums doing my best to support well as soaking in the support from everyone myself.

A big part of it for me...was the supporting others. I'd praise them, and be a major cheer leader, I'd spend a lot of time trying to come up with very thoughtful posts to keep people encouraged and to help them by explaining some of the hurdles I'd had in my own quit, and how I went about getting over them...smoke free.
And through me pushing them to stay smoke gave me a TON of reason to stay smoke free myself.

Of course it certainly didn't hurt to have hundreds of lovely people supporting me through my struggles too. I could get on at any time of the day or that I was having a craving...and within minutes someone would be there with something lovely to say, and I'd remember I was not alone and that...dang it...I COULD get through it!
I loved it. I loved them. They really carried me through my quit.
Also...this forum introduced me to e-(((hugs))) haha...I'd never seen a e-(((hug))) before joining that forum, and I instantly fell in love with them! What a lovely thing :) It's become one of my favorite forms of expressing my care for others online.

(((((((HUGS))))))) :)

I don't think there's any big secret behind quitting. It's not easy. It's not pleasant. It can be VERY rewarding though, and it DOES get easier. Early on during the first few months it's tough cause you wonder if it'll ever end...the damned cravings. The ones where you just have to clench your fists and white knuckle your way through. They suck.
But they do end. They get farther and farther apart...and then they just stop. You'll still get cravings, you'll very likely get craving throughout the rest of your life...but they'll be many months apart and wont be anything like the tough cravings you have early on. They'll still be dangerous, so you'll always have to be vigilant...but at the same time, they wont have that powerful grip they use to have on you. They're something you can easily brush off and move on from without a ton of struggle or anxiety.

Anyhow, like I was saying...I don't think there's a big secret behind quitting smoking. I don't look down on those who smoke...I know well the love for smoking...but I do highly recommend that when and if someone does some day decide to start on their forever quit...they do it not alone. To find a support group online, or in the 3d world (there's lots of support groups for this! google search it for your town!) and to team up with others! There's SO much strength in numbers when it comes to quitting IMHO!

This is a really dumb ramble haha.
I don't have anything cool to say this year I suppose. I'm not super proud this year...not like I have been in the past. This year has been a pretty easy year for me as far as my quit has gone. No real craves I can think of this year. No real danger.

I love my quit. I've always loved it. I loved it from the start.
I was introduced to a little saying very early on in my quit...and I say it often to myself in my head. I live by the saying. It's my motto.

Not One Puff Ever

Simple, but effective. It's become a relief in a way over the years for me too. Cause I take it as an absolute. Black and white. Like it's a law. I can't take even 1 single puff ever again. I just can't. It's black and white.
So even if I WANT to take a puff...the decision is already made for me. I can't. N.O.P.E.!!! Makes this a whole lot easier for me...there's no argument to be debating. N.O.P.E.!!! Absolute.

Okay, well now that I've typed a million word post...putting ya'll to sleep...haha

6 years.
Not one puff!

**** YEAH!!!! :yes:

I love my quit. :grouphug:

07-11-16, 08:12 PM
Awwwwww psycho! :)

Good job for staying strong all these years. I'm proud of you. :D


You have a lot of courage and strength - you fought for what was best for you and that's admirable.

You are an inspiration.

Okay everyone shower him with e-hugs! (((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((Psycho))))))))))))) ))))))))))))))))))))))))

07-11-16, 09:39 PM
Wow..I can't imagine another year has passed. I remember your post last year (I think :scratch:) but I think your achievement this year is as impressive as it was last year.

It's almost a year for me now too. I don't get cravings anymore though I still miss it. At least I don't snell anymore all the time or need to brush my teeth half a fixed tines a day or douse myself in deo. That's still the most tangible benefit for me.

Thanks for sharing psycho. I loved reading about the support you received from and gave on quit. Net. A little glimpse into your life. Thanks for sharing it with us. :grouphug::grouphug:

07-12-16, 12:10 AM
Well done, Psycho. Quitting smoking can be one of the most rewarding things to do.

Used to smoke myself, but I went from being a regular smoker to smoking a cigarette once every few months more than a year ago. Nowadays I only smoke when offered, for example at a party. Even then most of the times I decline. However, I would still say that the N.O.P.E. method sounds like the best option. The decision to throw away my cigarettes was the best I've made.

07-12-16, 02:57 PM
I went a different route, cause I didn't believe for a minute that I could I picked up an e cig 4 years and 4 months ago, quit reg. cigs within 2 weeks.....

and there isn't enough money in the world to telp me to smoke a reg. cig ...

My e cigs though ....I just love them ....#1.....I love gadgets, and these guys are gadgets personified ....

#2 they taste good .....I vape cherry, cotton candy, grape and blueberry ....yummy

#3 while they do cost something, I spent about 20% of what I spent on reg. cigs....

#4. I have kept up with reading the research on them and it seems more and more scientists are coming to the conclusion that they are relatively benign to the vaper ( about 1% of the danger of a reg. cig) and NO risk to anyone anywhere near them .....( although I do know that some people are sensitive to them ....not the same thing as damaging .....)

so if you're reading this and don't think you can stop reg. cigs.....check the archives, I have written several threads about the e cig and how to get started and the way to use them .....

But mostly Psyco ! ......well done you !

07-12-16, 04:04 PM
What an accomplishment! Congratulations, psycho.

07-12-16, 04:12 PM
Tooting your own horn's probably easier now that your lungs aren't filled with smoky crud, eh? ;)

Congratulations on this milestone!

07-12-16, 05:55 PM
Congrats psycho :grouphug:

07-12-16, 06:20 PM
Awww, thanks guys :D

And just wanted to give shout outs to you Fuzzy and to you as well Salleh! Well done on your own quits :D Super proud of you!!

My mom's friend quit through vaping as well. I think it's been just about 2 years now since she's had a real thing. She's cut back on her vaping as well recently which I think is great :D.

07-12-16, 06:41 PM
The ecig really helped. Thankfully I didn't find it enjoyable enough to get hooked on to that though if I ever start smoking again Ill stick with vaping. Sigh...just thinking about it makes me miss smoking..:lol:

I hope that some day I'll be where you are psycho and truly happy and at peace with not smoking.