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07-13-16, 12:17 AM
Hey I'm writting here for second time but I always read this site and I'm trying to clean all my doubts(sorry if my English is not good and I'm writting as a beast, is not my language). My problem here is: I'm taking ritalin since one year ago, when I started the college and I had problems to focus in the class and when I tried to study. My doctor, gives me to take ritalin 10mg cause he diagnostic adhd. When I'm started with the pills my life change totally for the best way; I started to have the best results on exams, I felt more relaxed with myself, I could focus in all the things that I need to do and I had a very amazing year in the college area. But now, I'm on 20mg (2 or 3 times per day when I need it) but I'm not doing the things as I did. I mean, I can't get focus as I did, or have good results in the exams as the first time. This year I lost 3 of 4 signatures that I was doing (here the maximum is 4 per semesters) and I'm having side effects as headaches, lose of hungry, a bit of confusion, and I can't stay 2 hours studying as I did before. I read maybe it's tolerance, but I try to don't take my pills when I don't need it. I'm really sad about this cause I think I'm disappointed all my family and myself too, because I used to be a good student on ritalin. Finally (and I'm sorry if I'm bored the people who's reading this) I had panic attacks so my doctor give me klonopin and that's working to sleep correctly. I hope anyone can help me, this is really important to me. I'm taking supplements and vitamins as ginko bilboa, gingseng, zinc, magnesium and coline, and vitamins B. Thanks if you have your time to trying to help me and sorry if it's long!.

07-13-16, 12:36 AM
When did you begin having panic attacks?

And for how long have you been taking the supplements (ginkgo, ginseng, etc.)?

07-13-16, 10:44 PM
You need to discuss this with your doctor.

And you probably want to look at lifestyle ... Are you getting enough sleep.

Nothing can compensate for too little sleep. Nothing. Exercise is good, taking walks in parks and nature is good.

But sleep is huge!