View Full Version : My dog got sprayed by a skunk! (again!)

07-18-16, 03:56 AM
So it was pandemonium at my house last night.
My part pom doggie duke took a direct hit to the face.
He gets in that predator mode and wont give up. Hes 16 lbs so I dont know what he is thinking.
This is the 4th time its happened over a few years.
Ive been lucky because I dont think the other times were as direct so my usual quick bath with Dawn, baby wash and a spritz of peroxide usually does the trick.

This time he came snorting up to the deck and ran in the dog door- THEN we smelled it. He was foaming at the mouth and eyes.
I jumped into action. Took him out back for a quick eye wash, got him into the utility sink and went to work.
Thank god this little guy is disturbingly in love with me because he really needed to trust that I was helping him.

IT WAS HORRIBLE. He had some in his mouth so you can imagine what his breath smelled like. I did the best I could, dried him, got some water in a bowl and went out back so he would air out.
He was one defeated pooch.

Ironically I always yell at my son for burning incense. Thank god he had some for the down stairs. The house seemed to air out ok.
However, he just came down a few minutes ago following me as always and he brought with him a pretty noticable trail of fragrance.

So obviously I did not do enough but the smell was so strong everywhere we couldnt tell that it may still have to do with him.

Any advice? I cant use dish detergent or peroxide/baking soda because its his face. There is no way we can wait for this to wear off over time.

Anyone else have any remedies?>

Also as an aside, I am feeling really resentful over skunks. A lot of the neighbors have inquired about what to do and we've been told that we can try trapping them ourselves and then calling animal control.
Trapping a skunk by ourselves??

I can not do that safely. What if its rabid? I dont know what I would do if I got sprayed. And the dogs still wouldnt leave it alone.

Little Missy
07-18-16, 06:54 AM
ewwwww boy, what a handful. Will the old tomato juice thing do the trick?

DJ Bill
07-18-16, 10:47 AM
I feel your pain. I always tell people I can't tell them what a skunk smells like as I have a really poor sense of smell, but years ago when my shepherd was sprayed, I actually could smell it. I used the tomato juice method and it got it to where I couldn't tell anymore...not that that is saying it was gone, as I can't tell anyhow.

I wonder if you could train a doggy to not approach a skunk....would it be possible even for the guy on tv?

As far as trapping them....perhaps there is a pest control company that might be able to handle that for you. It is a given that when you approach a trapped skunk they would spray in defense...At least I wouldn't touch it with a ten foot pole.

07-28-16, 02:23 AM
My dog has been sprayed 3 times. She doesn't get it yet she remembers other stuff.I found that if you wipe the dog off right away with wet rag the smell comes off.If you don't wipe right away the smell absorbs into the skin. That's my experience.

07-28-16, 02:25 AM
I think scrubbing the dog only works the smell in.