View Full Version : Online every 15 minute alarm??

DJ Bill
07-20-16, 11:21 AM
Does anyone know of a good web page with a 15 minute (Or whatever time you choose) alarm that goes off EVERY 15 minutes?? I can find one time stopwatches and alarms, but I need a chime every 15 minutes to see if that will keep me from getting buried in one simple task. (I am not a perfectionist......yeah right.):D

07-20-16, 11:49 AM

It's really a task planner but you could use the pomodoro timer to set 15min.

DJ Bill
07-20-16, 02:08 PM
I'll definitely check in to that...Our ADD support group chair recommended a timer to keep me on task. I have been using one of the many, many online alarms set at 15 minutes, but I have to reset it when it goes off...I just want to hear a beep or buzz or chime and get right back to work...


07-24-16, 10:22 AM
Does it have to be an online webpage?
Can it be a Windows desktop app or an Android app?
(I know of some for both Windows and Android)

07-24-16, 11:11 AM
I found one for you:

Click the gear icon on the lower right.

KEEP CLICKING on "every 15 minutes" until it is chosen
(it cycles thru each choice)

Click the gear icon again to close the choices menu.

It defaults to 5 mins, so whenever you start your browser, you'll need to re-choose 15 mins.

You can also download the talking clock as a standalone flash app.
I've used it as a nice fullscreen clock that reminds me time is passing while I fck around with stuff I shouldn't be ;)...

However, my favorite app is an Android Pomodoro one, called Clockwork Tomato. It has the ability to be set for any time you want, then alert you with a really cool "ding ding" sound every "x" mins (or secs!) once you've ran over time.
My settings are 65 mins (the time I've decided I MUST be focused on my my project, and not screwing around), then ding every 3 mins after I've gone over my time limit. I take 18 minute breaks.

So my settings are:
65 mins work pomodoro
3 min reminders I've worked past 65 mins
18 min break between each pomodoro
45 min break after 4 Pomodoros

I never get to 4 Pomodoros, though :) That's a pipe dream for us ADHD'ers ;)

If you have an Android, I recommend it.
If you want specific help setting it up, just PM me.


DJ Bill
07-26-16, 10:19 AM
Thanks guys!

A windows app would be fine as well. I sit in front of a computer most every day for hours.

07-26-16, 11:48 AM
The easiest Windows app, by far, is to download the talking clock and use it minimized, in the background.

The announcement of the time every 15 minutes will work to pull you back from your safari.

Go to the link I posted originally, and go to downloads.
Scroll down to talking clock and download the exe.
Run it and set the announcement interval, then leave it go.

That should work for you.
I know of others, but this one is the easiest to work with.