View Full Version : Bipolar first then ADD to treat attention?

07-21-16, 12:08 AM
I was initially on treatment for ADD but have now been put on treatment for bipolar after discovering. i have lost my patience now because it has taken more than 1.5 years and no improvement. I need my attention fixed, am crying for help because I have stayed stagnant unable to return to uni, to get a job to do all the things that need sustained attention.

My inattentiveness is really bad. The stimulants have not helped and doc wants to treat my mood first, saying that mood significantly affects attention and once this is treated, stimulants can be added. I am doubting, as 'normal' people with mood problems can still grind through their studies/work without losing much attention.

I can't stay like this, living at home feeling helpless. There is practically nothing to do if I can't play attention.

I wonder how you guys with BP and ADD have the same problem.

07-21-16, 03:01 AM
I had the bipolar treated first beginning at age 16. it was the more dangerous of the two at the time. The adhd wasnt treated until my 20's when I was more stable.

07-22-16, 05:23 AM
For myself, depression is always a brutal, unforgiving and savage potentiator for pretty much all of my adhd symptoms. Theres alot of crossover. When i start slipping, focusing on my depression is always primary above treating my adhd, the other way around could very easily make my depression worse, and send me into a psychotic episode.

In pretty much any mental health scenario treating the depression first, whether its from a mood disorder or not, is almost always the MO.


07-30-16, 12:34 AM
It makes sense to treat a mood disorder before ADHD...

However, my concern is, how are they deciding whether you have a mood disorder, how bad it is, and whether it's adequately treated?

I have unipolar depression, which is adequately controlled by sertraline, but most of the mental health professionals I've seen for executive dysfunction act like I'm not even allowed to make progress toward being a functional independent adult until I've completely eradicated all capacity for sadness from myself. No sadness allowed, for any reason, ever! Supposedly, if my depressive disorder were adequately treated, I'd be mild happy about being functionally disabled.

So if your ADHD symptoms are making you sad, but your doctor won't treat you for ADHD until you stop being sad, consider getting another doctor, especially considering the bipolar treatments haven't even worked. Even though my psychiatrist decided my depression wasn't completely treated (because I'm sad about ADHD symptoms :rolleyes:), he was still willing to provide treatment for ADHD.