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07-21-16, 06:54 AM
So on facebook I’m hunting down old primary schoolmates and this one guy I find back. Never had any traits I thought inspirational but haven’t contacted since then, so, all grown up, I’m having no expectations as everyone can be entirely different. Unfortunately he refuses *permission to board* (fb pirate English for accepting) and I’m starting to think.

If in the street tomorrow I meet a total stranger or an old childhood acquaintance I didn’t get along with I nowadays I would first look at – how much does this person care about others, animals, this planet - considerate person ? Met this guy in NZ who taught me to (say in a shop) always greet and (if possible) take the time to ask about their day. I find not enough people do it and it brings a smile on someone's face.
An empathetic person deserves my respect and becomes ‘someone honorable’ in my mind. Self confidence would be a bit of a role but highly intelligent people simply intrigue me. That Insane Quality (pun) makes them especially fascinating because it brings new angles to perceptions.
I wouldn't be indifferent on their opinion on me where normally don't really care what others think, I have my own image.

What about you ? Or do I need to clarify something, no misunderstandings ?

07-21-16, 07:00 AM
Do you mean, you sent a FB friend request, and the guy rejected it?

and so you ask: what would you do, if you met someone you didnt get along with in the past, would you look at the person's current life, before judging them ?

07-21-16, 07:02 AM
Rejected twice and blocked me yeah. But don't really care. Got me thinking when do you find people inspirational, what character traits ? So yeah, I suppose

07-21-16, 07:09 AM
All the things you mention would make me respect someone and I agree that I care more about peoples opinion of me if I think highly of them for some reason..

I don't know what I find truly inspirational. There are so many things. I think strength, courage and kindness and the desire or ability to do right by others even if it comes at a personal cost or risk to yourself. Being able to bounce back from life's adversities without being bitter and still loving your fellow living beings.

If I met now any of my class mates who were nasty to me in school I'm not sure I could keep an open mind towards them and view them with a clean slate even if they are super kind now. Or maybe I would. I don't know.