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07-22-16, 02:23 PM
Hello guys,

Recently I discovered this forum and started to read some articles about ADHD and submitted a questionnaire to check which was my degree of it. Im innattentive type and I just figured out that it started when I was a child.
ive been struggling with memory and attention issues for a long time but never thought it could be something particular.

I decided to live abroad and currently i am living in Portugal and the thing here is that I can only find callcentre jobs.

Im working as a customer service agent for almost 2 months and i have been freaking out those last days because I simply cannot afford receiving calls the entire day from angry customers and people who think are always right when they are not, also, this job really demands lots of attention for details and problem solving which Im not so good when you must think and solve it quickly.

I messed a case those days where I totally forgot to check important things and informed the wrong thing to the customer, the point here is that the customer already changed the flight just because I confirmed something wasnt totally true. Now im still waiting a response from the hotel to change de dates and the guest already replied my email where I said sorry and he was really angry and that would never use our service again if we couldnt change dates (im talking about non refundable reservation where the hotel may accept the change or not)

Well, I didnt go to work these last days (called sick) because I was really depressed about this job and situation, i cant find motivation to stay there for 8h a day sitting in front of a desk solving 70 cases per day. Im thinking about quitting bcause cant handle it anymore but on the other hand i live abroad and dont have many job opportunites around so Im in a bad situation.

Any suggestions? i really appreciate your help guys! Sorry for my bad english im not native speaker as you can see.

07-23-16, 11:48 AM
For many people work in a call canter would be very difficult if not impossible.

You have to decide which is more important to you: having an interesting job or staying in Portugal. In a similar situation I decided to get back to my country.

It's probably not a decision you can't change later, when your opportunities in Portugal change (because for example you get some work experience or new skills).