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07-23-16, 01:18 PM
i'm really excited about astrology right now and I wanna talk to others about astrology???

i wasn't sure where to put this other than in Spirituality/Religion, but this has more to do with astrology as an art/interest separate from something used to help with ADHD symptoms. so i apologize if i'm putting this in the wrong place and i will not be upset if it gets moved. but ANYWAY

I've been interested in astrology since I was a little kid, and I've been reading my own chart and the chart of this guy I just started seeing pretty intensively. As in, I'm looking at how my Moon has a conjunction with Saturn, and what that means, not just basic Sun Sign stuff (though, of course, that is the best place to start!)

But! This is a basic overview of my chart:
Sun sign: Scorpio
Moon sign: Pisces
Rising sign: Taurus/Gemini
Venus sign: Scorpio
Mercury sign: Libra
Mars sign: Sagittarius

Do any of you guys like astrology? Do you know your star placements? Do you think it's accurate or helpful in any way? Are there certain signs that you've noticed you do not get along with? Others that you do? Do you ever check daily horoscopes or love compatibility? ALSO, does your chart hint/point at some ADHD symptoms? Because mine sure as heck does!!!! It makes me wonder even more if it's just a personal issue and not a real disorder, in my case.

I find that astrology is fairly accurate, especially when you take into account how someone's Sun sign might interact with their Moon or Rising sign. I've noticed I typically have good friends with Taurus, Capricorn, and/or Aquarius somewhere in their chart. I've had issues with Cancers and Leos :eyebrow: My romantic partners have often had Taurus or Libra in their charts, as well as Scorpio. I look up compatibility for all of my relationships, even from the start. lol, i'll just ask whoever i'm seeing, "Hey what's your date and time of birth??" and they've never expressed having a problem with it?

I really do think that there could be some sort of cosmic influence in our personal, daily lives. I seldom look at my daily horoscope, because I think that there could be a bunch of different interpretations of what it says. However, my mom bought a book for me that shows the daily horoscope for Scorpio, for each day of 2016. These horoscopes were written well over a year in advance, and each time I look at the book, it's ridiculously accurate. But then again, how much of it might be confirmation bias? Oh well, it's fun!

If you wanna know your star placements, a really good website is:

10-11-16, 11:55 PM
lol i never added to this!! anyway, here are some observations of my own planets and stuff that could be related to my adhd (and other things). i bolded the most typical adhd ones, but the rest is all relevant too, if you can be bothered to read it!!:

(note:i dont wanna seem egotistical with this!!! i just think it might be interesting to some to see how astrology and psychology might be intertwined. if anyone wants me to help them learn about their birth chart, please just ask!! all you need is your birth date, year, location, and approximate -if not exact- time of birth)

True Node in Libra: " to be impatient, rash, and impulsive at the expense of personal happiness are some of the issues this position suggests ... A tendency to avoid dealing with the details and practicalities of everyday life, to lead a rather haphazard and unorganized existence, to avoid formulating clear goals, and to put too much faith in a grand plan while neglecting practical concerns are some of the issues this position suggests. With this position, we need to work on developing some healthy and practical routines and schedules. Otherwise, we may be victim of vague worries and anxieties. Winging life is fine to an extent, but without clear goals and some orderliness, we can easily feel like we are not in control of our lives ... Our goal should be to establish limits for others and ourselves, to develop a more focused mind and orderliness that will empower us with confidence in ourselves and our lives, to develop systems that will help us to be more productive, and to pay attention to deadlines, details, and rules that will enrich our lives. By structuring our lives, we will be able to come closer to achieving our dreams."

Ascendant in Taurus: "Imperturbable in a crisis, or a surprising, alarming event, when others often abandon ship under pressure. Absolutely insists on his or her own pace of doing everything, often infuriating others"

Midheaven square natal Sun: "our relationships may be difficult, especially early in life, because others may sense that you are interested only in yourself, which puts them off and keeps them from wanting to help you."

Ascendant conjunct natal Mercury: "You love mental challenges and are quick to take up the cue in any argument or debate. You have a lot of nervous energy and can't sit still for long. You prefer intellectual people and you like to challenge their thinking and ideas. At times you may have a lack of clarity in expressing your thoughts. There are moments, too, when you simply talk too much"

Midheaven square natal Mercury: "Even while you are quite young, you will spend quite a bit of time thinking about your future, but don't expect to make up your mind for a long time. Your mind is very active, and each new interest you take up will give you a new idea about your future career. In fact the danger here is that you may never really settle on one career; you will get into many projects but never thoroughly enough to know what each one can really offer you. For this reason, you must teach yourself some self-discipline, so that you can stay with a project long enough to understand it. You are quite restless and need to be mentally active all the time. You need to keep your mind busy, talk with others and feel that life is moving quickly. Otherwise you get bored, and then you may annoy people. As you get older, be careful not to say things that work against you. Your mouth could be your own worst enemy unless you make sure of what you are saying before you speak. "

Midheaven sextile natal Pluto: " you will very much enjoy salvaging discarded objects and making something useful out of them, demonstrating the potential of what others regard as waste. Because of this, you may be surrounded by a great deal of clutter, but the results can be quite spectacular."

Moon in Pisces: "You can be restless, easily depressed, changeable, irresolute and easily discouraged by obstacles and opposition."

Mercury in Libra: "You will not be too fond of study or educational pursuits generally. However, when pushed, you are well-capable of much hard work and success in this area ... There is a concern for personal health, hygiene, tidiness, correct dress and polite speech."

Mercury sesquiquadrate natal Moon: "You may feel rather confused when deciding whether to act in accordance with your feelings or in accordance with your reason, for the two options appear to be mutually exclusive. As you learn more about yourself, how-ever, you will discover how to integrate the demands of reality with the demands of your own emotional security through experience."

(strong adhd stuff or whatever) Jupiter square natal Moon: (this one is literally called "the procrastinator" on the website) "you may possess creative ability, yet fail to demonstrate this tangibly due to not making sufficient effort to develop latent talents ... You tend to resist hard work, and can display a lazy, apathetic attitude at times, especially if you have little interest in the work to be done ... As emotions can wax and wane, consistency may be lacking in your attitudes and relationships. Limitations may be self-created if you listen only to your feelings. ... A tendency to make impulsive and emotional decisions needs to be superseded by deliberate planning; rushing to satisfy immediate desires may later be regretted ... Intimate and social relationships may be erratic at times, as you can fluctuate between extroverted moods and introspection, depending on the relative strengths of either Jupiter or Moon. With an independent spirit, you may often feel you do not need much social contact, and so friendships may become characterized by infrequent contact, indifference, and fickleness at times. You will do your own thing, either with complete enthusiasm and temporary commitment, or by slipping into apathetic disinterest. ... In your early life, you may not have been particularly ambitious, preferring freedom, acting with little responsibility, and moving in and out of situations and relationships as it pleased you, directed by your inner emotional pendulum. ...Having to 'shape up' may shock you into several realizations. You may make greater efforts to make life stimulating, preventing it from becoming staid and restrictive, and realize that planning and organization can make routines flow more smoothly, with less conflict and fewer painful experiences. may perhaps become obsessive about your newly chosen path and lose sight of realism and perspective due to overenthusiasm. "

Saturn conjunct natal Moon: "Your social relationships can lack spontaneity, enthusiasm, and naturalness, inhibited by emotional defensiveness, reserve, and caution. Self-esteem is weakened by such attitudes, which fall like a shadow across your relationships and experiences. One source of this may have been childhood and early social conditioning.... Emotional integration can be lacking; it is part of your nature that remains uncomfortable and relatively immature, and which will interfere with adult relationships that may prove difficult to develop beyond the early stages.... looking for ways to heal and integrate your inner child would be extremely beneficial and transformative"

(this is also one of the strongest ones) Saturn square natal Jupiter: ". You tend to put yourself down when you compare your capabilities to the skills of other people. The fact is, you are trying to avoid your responsibilities to yourself ... your early conditioning led you to believe the you were less competent than others and that you had to yield to those who were 'obviously' more talented. ... . Stop making comparisons with other people's accomplishments; you have your own....once you've established goals, prepare a program for achieving them, and adhere to it. Try to focus on one thing at a time, and direct all your resources and energy toward that. ...You could become successful in such fields as law, education, physical therapy, or the ministry. The demands of these occupations may tax your endurance and cause periodic setbacks, but you must persist with great determination. It is important for you to be able to look back with satisfaction on occasional successes and realize that you are capable of much more. you will have to learn the hard way that accomplishment comes from a lot of hardship and self-denial. There is no easy road to victory for you. Don't make any agreements that you can't fulfill, ...Yours is a bittersweet destiny with many highs and lows progress and reversals; but you will always move toward realization and fulfillment. Faith is your greatest ally when nothing else seems to work for you"

Uranus square natal Mercury ("the scattered mind"): " eccentric thought-patterns, intellectual superiority, the 'know it all' syndrome, and a changeability of mind and emotions which can both confuse and antagonise others....Uranian 'rebel' attitude, which will condition your social expression. Your initial reaction to most social traditions, rules, and beliefs will be a belligerent opposition, even if you hide most of this activity within your own thoughts. A 'rebel of the mind!'....inability to acquiesce in social rules and accepted ways of behaviour, allied to an innate resistance to authority. You fail to see why you have to live in certain ways, acting and behaving according to a social code of conduct, or thinking within predictable and conventional parameters."

Neptune square natal Mercury: "There can be a preference for mental avoidance and for escaping from directly confronting aspects of life that you find unpleasant... Sometimes your logic is very circuitous, too personal or abstracted for easy communication to either yourself or others, and, as it often absorbs an imaginative influence,..You can shy away from accepting responsibilities, domestic, family and marriage ones especially, as you can feel uneasy with your emotions, and this results in you often becoming unreliable with others... escapist tendencies... one result has been distorted images on the mental level of your own identity and mind activity, as well as a diminution of personal confidence. ... Creating a new disciplined structure for your mind may take time and effort, but attempts at training and reprogramming it will draw benefits if persevered with, and may lead towards creative or socially orientated directions."

ok now i'm tired

10-12-16, 12:04 AM
the one thing that will always get me off track from the work i'm supposed to be doing is astrology............ it's in the stars

10-22-16, 10:26 PM
more stuff!!

Mercury square or opposition Uranus

You possess a quick mind, you are very intuitive, and you require a great deal of mental stimulation to keep from feeling bored. Preferring to be self-directed, you don’t always take advice easily. There is a part of you that loves to shock, challenge, and instigate with the things you say; however, this may not be a conscious process. Your mental energy and output is extremely variable–one day you might be capable of enormous effort and interest in a project, and the next day the opposite. This is largely due to the fact that you feel a strong need to be true to your instincts and intuition, and if you are not absolutely inspired, you don’t feel right working on a project–you might feel that you are “faking” it, and this doesn’t sit well for you. The problem is that in life there are always going to be routine tasks to complete, things we have to do that don’t entirely suit our interests, and so forth. School years may be challenging as a result of your disdain for a linear approach to learning, routine tasks, and subjects that don’t inspire you, not because of any lack of mental ability. In fact, you can have real flashes of genius and your ideas and perspectives are often very original. At times you can be very dogmatic. You have a tendency to be, or to appear to be, scatterbrained. Your attention span can be short, and as a result, you might often leave projects unfinished. At times you can have an irritable temper and need to channel some of your nervous energy into constructive pursuits. Take time to reflect on what you truly believe in, because many times you are too busy challenging established thought, or playing devil’s advocate, to get in touch with your own opinions and feelings. This way, your intelligence, integrity, and ingenuity can come shining through.

Mercury square or opposition Neptune

You might have problems concentrating because your mind is often wandering. Your thinking is exceptionally imaginative, intuitive, and creative. Stretching the truth, whether done consciously or not (or a bit of both), is associated with this position. Bored with anything dull, routine, or lifeless, you often dramatize or connect higher meaning to ordinary events and situations. You are often vague in your communications, purposefully or not, as you resist being pinned down to any one opinion or stance. This is partly due to your ability to see so many different points of view and perspectives. Logical, detail-oriented work and studies are not designed for your way of thinking and learning. Creative presentations, ripe with images and imagery, are what grab your attention and interest. Your style of communication, or possibly thinking, is often self-defeating, and you should consciously avoid a tendency to give up on projects or plans before they even get off the ground. Planning ahead is not a preference, as you prefer to move along running on the fuel of inspiration and intuition.

Your style of communication may be unusual, perhaps with many pauses or digressions. You may be deliberately vague or unintentionally so, depending on your nature. Some of you are great storytellers.

Your mind is highly imaginative and creative and you possess dramatic, artistic, or musical abilities. As a child, you enjoyed daydreaming, fantasizing, pretending, and probably lived in “your own little world” a good deal. You perceive things which are not obvious to other people and you have an uncanny ability to “read” people and situations without being told anything about them. However, you must learn to discriminate between a true psychic perception and your imagination. Learning to discipline and focus your mind is necessary if you wish to use all of your creative potential. Otherwise, you could be simply a dreamer.

Communication with others is difficult for you because you often find words frustrating and inadequate to express your experiences and perceptions. Also, you may purposefully mystify or deceive others.