View Full Version : canīt find right medication / tachycardia

07-24-16, 03:08 PM

im quite desperateright now.

After being diagnosed in Nov 2015 everything seemed to get better with Ritalin.

It really worked perfect for me and I could get on track again -almost too good to be true.

In April I had so intense tachycardic episodes that I had to stop taking ritalin.

My doc sent me to a cardiologist who said my heart is ok,then I tried ritalin combined with a beta-blocker, what felt completly unacceptable.

I changed my doc and had a new try with Attentin (a dexamphetamin-product on the German market).

The result was pretty much the same, when I experienced another impressing tachycard-situation (while driving- not that good:() on day three.

Now I wonder which options I still have....

Do You have ideas??

Thank You