View Full Version : Difference between Concerta and Strattera

07-25-16, 02:09 AM
I'm not sure the Concerta is working out for me. Lately I've been taking 72 mgs, and still not finding myself very focused or less overwhelmed. The other option available in the UAE is Strattera. Has anyone tried both? What are the differences?

07-25-16, 02:23 AM
For me, Strattera seemed to be more helpful with managing daily life but did nothing for my ability to sit down and focus on work-type tasks.

Strattera had more annoying side effects for me (nausea if I didn't eat a decent meal with it and feeling like I never quite completely voided my bladder).

It takes a while to work, unlike stimulants. For me, it didn't work at all until I hit higher doses.

Taking them together (Strattera + Concerta) worked the best anything's ever worked for me. That said, I had stopped taking Concerta for a time while trying Strattera, and it was when the Concerta was reintroduced that I finally felt like "Hmm...I wonder if this is what 'normal' people feel like?". However, the Strattera had had some benefits on its own, and the Concerta alone didn't work as well as the combo did. The effects on my blood pressure weren't so great, though.

Your mileage may vary.

07-25-16, 03:06 PM
Heads up: I'm comparing Straterra to ADDERALL, not Concerta. I took Concerta too long ago :D to remember what it did.

I'm going to echo namazu's first sentence.
Straterra has helped me do the little nagging things that I would have put off "until later".

For instance, if I need to fill out a long detailed form
and I end up needing to look up something in order to fill it in,
before Straterra, I would have filled out the parts I knew and
stuck post-its on the form with the stuff I needed to look up...
... I'd get those little things looked up "later..." (Always too late, never on time, mind you!)

With Straterra, if I need to look something up, I do it right then. That's great. Except now, I have no focus on larger projects, which means the long detailed form isn't even picked up!