View Full Version : I am getting an ADD coach

07-25-16, 06:01 PM
Yes, it has taken some time. My reason is not that I am really not coping with ADD well, I am doing better then ever. I have a good job and every area of my life is improving. However, I fear that it is very fragile and I have had a few situations where my ADD was causing me problems, and I find it hard to figure out how to deal with them. I think that eventually I will figure it out, but I want that to happen soon, not late. This job is the chance to really build a good life, and I don't want to lose it. I want this job to be the start of a great career and I want to live a great life, not go back to the struggling and suffering that I have had in most of the last decade.

One of my main reasons for taking so long to get one is that I thought it would be expensive. Now that I have a good income, I can afford one. I did another Google search, and found an organization that says their coaching is 100% paid for by the government. So, that's even better.

It's an hour away by train, but that is no problem, because I have a subscription for the train that my work pays for, so I can go for free. Probably I have to go during work time, but my schedule is flexible, so I can compensate for the missed time by starting with work an hour earlier and working in the train.

I have sent them an email, I hope that they respond soon and that I can make an appointment with them. I will keep you posted, if you are interested.

07-30-16, 01:21 AM
I'd be interested to know how it goes for you.

Especially since you're doing pretty well and you're already knowledgeable about ADHD, if a coach is going to help you, they'll need to come up with more sophisticated strategies than stuff like "break tasks down into smaller pieces" or "put a basket by the front door to hold stuff like your car keys."

I've tried to get help like this, but so far, I've only tried therapists (LCSW and LPC), not an actual coach. If the current therapist doesn't work out, I'll try for a coach next time.

11-20-16, 01:30 AM
I, too, am interested in hearing how this coaching initiative is going.

I think it's great you're proactively thinking you might be able to use some specialized support and coaching to help you succeed and thrive in your job. And nice if the cost is covered, and you are motivated to make such a long trip to get a new perspective on your ADHD challenges.

So let us know how it's going, what new things you are trying and learning, and what hacks you come up with to manage better. More power to you.

11-20-16, 06:35 AM
I got one and the real benefit is you do need someone critiquing your progress, behaviour, ideas and aspirations. If you can afford one I couldn't recommend it enough.

A good one , IMO, will be a bit of a cheer squad. This person has to have an enormous grasp of ADD. No mean feat.