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07-28-16, 11:08 PM
My son just started meds this week. He is on Adderall XR but the doc only gave him 5mg. Its not even on some of the charts Ive seen and the books Ive read said most start at a very low dose of 10mg. When I went to fill it, they had to check if it was even in stock because they dont normally keep this one on the shelf of the pharmacy.

The doc said that we should know if its working right away because its not something he will have to get used to. He said to call if we didnt see any effects or if there were side effects. He has been taking the meds this week and he says he feels no different. His behavior is exactly the same. We had him do some writing and math work (small amount that he does during the summer) and it is the same as it has been.

I called and asked what to do and they said to keep him on this dosage until next week but he wants us to come in and see him AGAIN before he will up the dosage. We had to do 2 appointments already ($60) and fill this prescription ($60). Going in to check him over after a 5mg dose that is doing nothing for him seems like a waste of my time and money (another $30). Cant I just give him two pills instead of one? I wont be changing his dose on my own because Im already nervous about medicating my child but this just seems ridiculous. Is it because its a controlled substance? I just dont know why he gave him such and extremely low dosage. He has combined type ADHD that is quite severe. School starts soon, I dont want to have to keep taking him in to be checked after every dosage increase if its only going to be increased a tiny bit at a time. Im going to go broke

07-29-16, 04:46 AM
Hey there, I feel your pain!
5mg is low, but it is the lowest available so maybe thats just the way doctor likes to prescribe. The only thing that is weird is him telling you to come in if he is only going to raise the dose? I would call him and be honest about the financial impact and ask him if you can give him 2 pills at once or at least twice a day Tell him if that doesnt work after a couple of weeks then you will come in for a med check appt. I dont know how receptive your doc is to suggestions but it seems reasonable to me.