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08-01-16, 07:36 PM
Hi... a surprising thing happened and all of a sudden, without warning, I am no longer able to get my scripts written from the doctor that was prescribing them to me. How can I locate a PCP doctor on my plan that has experience with ADHD? I have free health share through the government. The person who was writing me scripts was the last psychiatrist/nurse practitioner available in the city where I live. So, it will need to be a PCP... but I can't figure out how to determine which PCP would have experience with and be alright prescribing me the meds I take. Thoughts? How did you find your prescribing physician?

08-01-16, 08:37 PM
If you previous prescriber has not passed away or gone on an extended unannounced vacation or something, perhaps that doctor could suggest someone. (Actually, in most places that would be part of ensuring continuity of care for patients...part of a doctor's ethical responsibility is to ensure that there are plans in place to take care of patients if the doctor is away/out of commission.)

Assuming you are unable to talk to the former doctor for some reason, see if you can at least get records of your treatment. If you can get these records (which is your right through HIPAA in the US), it may make it easier to demonstrate your history of diagnosis and successful treatment on this medication.

As for finding a doctor with experience, that's trickier.

Is there a directory of doctors on your plan (with the caution that these lists are often not up to date)? Cold-calling doctors off a list probably isn't a satisfying or efficient way to do things, but it might work. Explain that your doctor has suddenly retired (or whatever the situation is), and that you are looking to ensure that your treatment isn't disrupted, and you're wondering if this doctor has experience treating ADHD in adults...

Are there any support groups in your area? Although most of them don't officially endorse clinicians, they may have a directory, or someone may be willing to tell you the names of doctors they know. This may be a good alternative to cold-calling if you can find a support group or ADHD-related organization. CHADD or ADDA may have useful info, or there may be another group affiliated with a hospital or just a meet-up group in your area.

Finally, if there are child/adolescent psychologists or psychiatrists in your area, even if they don't see adults, they may have an idea of which general practitioners are good to work with, or who they would recommend to the parent of a patient or to a patient who ages out of pediatric care.

...Oh, and how did I forget?! There's a Practitioner Referrals ( section here at ADDF, organized by region. If you're comfortable sharing where you live (state/area of state), you can see if other members can recommend anyone, and then check to see if they accept your health plan.

Best wishes!

08-01-16, 08:56 PM
You've got to pound the pavement and make appointments with as many doctors as you need to until you find the right one. However, at least here, PCPs aren't really prescribing psychological medicines anymore, especially controlled substances. I was told to find a psychiatrist quite abruptly. All part of New York State's crackdown on prescription drugs.

The only controlled substance my PCP prescribes me now is Oxycodone. And the psychiatrist won't prescribe that, since it's not his field. Although he did give me a script for some dual-use opioid that was used for both a painkiller and to get people off of painkillers by limiting their effectiveness. The problem with me was it made me itch like crazy!

08-04-16, 04:56 AM
Hey thank you both! Both were very helpful. Props to @namazu for all the tips, that helps a lot. Out of town so not a lot of time to respond atm, but I really appreciate it. Thank you