View Full Version : How to lower serotonin levels?

08-01-16, 10:52 PM
To make a long story short, i suspect i might have a little bit to much serotonin and would like to lower serotonin a little bit to see what happens, the question is how?


08-02-16, 04:08 AM
What makes you think you have too much seratonin? How did you find this out?

08-02-16, 04:48 AM
Why? Are you taking any ssri? Are you worried about serotonin syndrome? If you suspect you might have that you need to see a doctor. Immediately.

08-15-16, 03:58 PM
I have no desire to discuss why.

08-15-16, 04:03 PM
OK, way you can do it is to stay up later, and get overall less sleep.

Of course, this will have other consequences, so I do not recommend it whatsoever.


09-12-16, 07:24 AM
I have no desire to discuss why.

Your desire why is interesting.

OK, way you can do it is to stay up later, and get overall less sleep.

I experience all my back-life a big boost of attention, motivation, social activity, speech and looking like after a night of perfect sleep to others after working all the night without any sleep.
Simply I function better so many times without sleep ...

... but being without sleep is no solution and makes me a hang-over for 2 days.

09-12-16, 12:31 PM
BTW serotonine can be decreased by SRE (Serotonin-Reuptake-Enhancers) like Tianeptine.

09-21-16, 09:10 PM

From my direct experience, I strongly advice you to cut off any food containing TYRAMINE (eg mature cheddar) as it boost serotonin production. You can associate your new diet with some french pine bark, which shall lover norephinerine levels.

I strongly suggest you to follow my advice, especially if you are one of those person that can't get a restful sleep if lays in bed for just some minutes beyond usual.

09-22-16, 09:24 AM
I dont think the OP is coming back.