View Full Version : Who am I?

08-02-16, 05:18 AM
Im a 13 year old girl in eighth grade. I am confused aboit who I am, I wanna know who the real Hannah is. When im on my medication for ADHD I am very calm, focused, and I barely talk to anyone execpt for my few close friends, so queit that some of the teacher forget my name. When im not on my medication im basically the opposite of when i am taking my medicine, im loud, unfocused, and rude and touchy. My problem is im I cant figure out who is the real me.

08-02-16, 05:50 AM
Medication doesn't change who you are. I can imagine it must be confusing to encounter two seemingly different personalities when medicated and when not but I think both of them (or all.of them) are facets of you.

Humans are rarely just one thing or the other. We are so multi faceted and a lot of it depends on external circumstances as well.

It's a bit like.when I'm tired I act and think differently to when I'm not. Certain things trigger a rage in me which I otherwise never encounter, etc...even just putting on make up or wearing a particular outfit can cause slight changes in my behaviour. It's still all just me though. A constantly changing and evolving me.