View Full Version : 80 mg Vyvanse + Orange Theory Fitness

08-02-16, 12:10 PM
I'm supposed to do a free class today with Orange Theory. I am 6'1" 215 lbs and am 27 y/o. I take the med for ADHD and binge eating. The waiver asked if I'm taking any medication that impact my heart rate. When I told them they said that since my resting heart rate would be higher to get into the orange zone my heart rate will be higher than a person of my same sex, weight, and age. What should I do? I feel like my heart rate should just be compared to everyone else's and not have them try to get me pumping faster. Cause since I started taking the medicine I have gone down in weight from 235 lbs, however this was due to me cutting out high sugary foods, playing tennis, and eating starches with a higher glycemic index (like quinoa over rice).

I'm just afraid the trainer is going to be some unreasonable a-hole, and I'm going to get a panic attack. What should I do?? I don't want to hide from life at the same time, and I've had my heart tested at the cardiology center using the stress test and EKG.

09-12-16, 11:33 AM
Any kind of increasing motion heart rate like walking, swimming, running, whatever is decreasing the resting heart rate.

12-19-16, 10:12 AM
Too late to offer any advice or encouragement for that particular how did you do? And how do you feel?

I hope you didn't let the judgement of some unaccountable stranger override your own best judgement about how to start moving in the right direction.

After all, Vyvanse is a stimulant known to carry an increased risk of heart problems and stroke. There is nothing wrong with starting slow and working up.